How is Artificial Intelligence Replacing Project Management?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new big thing in the world of technology. A day doesn’t go by when we don’t hear about machines that are powered by this sophisticated piece of technology. AI has without a doubt made remarkable achievements in every field. But, unfortunately, no piece of technology comes without certain disadvantages attached to it. Our article today covers the pros and cons that are linked with AI and their correlation with the field of project management. 

What does AI mean for Project Managers?

Machines are becoming smarter every day and are becoming more adaptable towards real-time changes. This too without being programmed in advance. Moreover, it has become possible to analyze a wider set of data, something that was not possible with humans. With this smart functionality incorporated into machines. Are we losing the purpose of hiring project managers? Let us explore the possibility below. 

The increase in smart machines has replaced project management jobs with machines that are much more efficient. Although, a bitter reality but we must fact it as AI is here to stay. This is especially true for IT-based project managers. Efficient machines manage technical jobs better than humans and produce error-free results. 

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Regardless of what machines can do for us, it is important to remember that there are still certain things that AI simply cannot do. Certain decisions can only be taken by humans and humans alone. Depending solely on a machine works out to the extent where one needs to perform rigorous mathematical calculations. However, wherever there is a need to perform analytical skills, human intervention is required. 

AI and Project Management 

For the successful execution of a project, AI can be used to assist Project Managers. With both the tools (AI and Project Management) working side by side. There is a possibility of a higher success rate in projects. 

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AI can be intimidating. However, as a Project Manager, you should think of it as a tool that will help you do your job in a better way. Use Artificial Intelligence as a means to simplify your job and reduce your workload. This way you won’t feel the pressure of being replaced. 

AI will bring countless benefits to you as a Project Manager. It will provide you with a faster and more efficient means of conducting various analysis such as variance analysis and a trend analysis. Your job as a project manager is to set the limit to where you require AI intervention and where it would be better to use human skills. 

Moreover, at the end of the day, no matter what the nature of the project there will be a need to analyze problems and develop strategies in a way only possible by the human mind. Understand your value and your role. There are certain skills that AI simply cannot replace. These include:

  • Leadership skills 
  • Diplomatic Relations
  • Speaking Publicly 
  • Negotiation
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Communication ‚Äì both verbal and non-verbal 

Project Managers will only stay employed in the future if they stay positioned in a way that they progress. Taking care of your employees is another important aspect of project management that no machine can perform.

Final Thoughts 

Every project does need human input during all the phases ‚Äì starting from planning till the closing phase. Being more adaptive towards the changes can help you function in a better way as a project manager. Look at the change as a chance of improving yourself and the project at hand. 

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