Houston Project Management Jobs and Careers for Project Managers

Houston, TexasHouston, Texas, is the 4th largest city in the US. There are other important reasons why project manager careers in Houston show big potential. It is the 4th most populous city in the US, with about 2.3 million people. It is a busy port city that is home to many industry bases such as energy, manufacturing, aeronautics, transportation, and healthcare. It is the beginning or endpoint of many oil gas and products pipelines. The largest medical complex in the world, the Texas Medical Center, can be found here. It is the second city after New York where the most number of Fortune 500 firms are headquartered. For the aspiring and skilled project manager, it is a good place to be.

PM Opportunities and Responsibilities

Now more than ever, job opportunities for the project manager continue to be in high demand. According to a 2014 global job report from the PMI, growing-economy countries will offer numerous opportunities for project managers with standard skill sets. In the US and other developed countries showing signs of recovery, there will also be an increase in demand, particularly of project practitioners who have the ability to think strategically when executing projects. Employers are now looking for more than on-time, on-budget and on-scope deliverables. They are expecting value from these deliverables, such as economic and/or social benefits for their organization.

Sites for searching PM Jobs in Houston

Here are some links to job marketplace sites where one can search for project management or project manager jobs in Houston. Some search sites are more accurate with keywords than others. Also, one can further specify if looking for IT Project Manager jobs, Senior Project Manager jobs, Assistant Project Manager jobs, and other similar keyword-specific searches.

Industries and Sectors in Need of Project Managers

The energy sector continues to start many projects that require PM professionals and practitioners. There has been an increase in renewable energy projects, but traditional energy continues to produce opportunities through new oilfield discoveries and advances in fossil fuel extraction. Project manager careers in Houston continue to flourish because the city is recognized internationally for its oil and natural gas industry. Wind and solar energy sectors are also experiencing growth in the city. It is a leading center in building oilfield equipment, and one of the few cities in the world where high oil and gasoline prices produce a positive effect on its economy. They have an area called the Energy Corridor district where many energy companies such as BP America, Shell and ConocoPhillips are located.

Another industry where PM practitioners are needed is healthcare. In particular, the PPACA or Affordable Care Act of 2013 has made the insurance marketplace more competitive. Therefore, project managers with strong IT skills will find many opportunities to get involve in healthcare projects that aim to lower costs, improve efficiency, and deliver better customer experience. Many in the top 20 biggest employers in Houston are in healthcare, such as the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Methodist Hospital System, and the University of Texas Medical Branch, to name a few.

Other industries that are in need of project managers are the IT, construction, and finance sectors. Technology projects show no signs of slowing down. Construction may have slowed in developed economies but studies show that three countries will have a concentration of construction projects, and these are the US, China and India. In the finance sector, regulatory reforms have shown a shortage of key skills that are required in compliance projects. Thus, project professionals that have solid PM skills, strong business acumen, and soft skills will play a critical role in strategic decision making and business operations. Interestingly, the top Houston workplaces based on employee surveys include all the mentioned industries. Even though the aerospace industry is declining, its need for skilled project managers has become even higher. Houston is home for the Johnson Space Center.

Qualifications that Employers are looking for

Although it is true that project manager careers in Houston are very promising due to the presence of industries that are experiencing growth, employers also have higher qualifications and expectations. For example, an IT Project Manager job posted by MD Anderson Cancer Center on September 22 mentions a required function of PM oversight, leadership and expertise in all business and/or clinical application implementations. The Project Manager job posted on September 30 by gas firm Air Liquide requires not only general knowledge of PM tools and techniques but also working knowledge of industrial construction codes and practices.

PM Job and Skill Match

Today’s jobs usually require project practitioners to be able to manage multiple medium to large cross-functional project teams, involving multiple complex and risky projects that span more than one organizational boundary. Degrees have become basic requirements, and certifications help show a commitment to the profession. Skills that demonstrate knowledge in software development lifecycles, large-scale budgeting, enterprise architecture, big picture thinking, cultural competency, network building, and the capacity to adapt and innovate are also important.

Actual Project Manager Jobs in Houston, Texas

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