GanttPRO vs MS Project: Which PM Solution For Your Team?


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As businesses and organizations become more project-oriented in their strategy, the need for a project management software solution has also become crucial now more than ever. Simply put, as more companies use project management to achieve their business goals, they now rely much more on their PM tool to help them deliver projects successfully. Furthermore, PM software is no longer restricted to IT users and is being adopted across departments and by the whole organization.

GanttPRO and MS Project are examples of PM software that individuals, teams, and companies are using for their project management needs. Not all software is the same, and this is partly because their target clients are businesses with different requirements, too. According to market trends, more PM solutions are offering cloud packages, although desktop solutions still exist. One possible explanation is because collaboration is essential for teams to successfully complete projects. And cloud solutions offer collaboration features easily.

Team benefits of project management software

Project management software is useful for planning and scheduling tasks, resources and dates to successfully complete a project. However, since projects are usually composed of and completed by a team or teams of individual members, it is important that they can collaborate easily. Online PM platforms allow team members to communicate about work with each other. They can attach project files and other documents to quickly share the needed information. Having the visibility available for the team of how the project is progressing and its status at any given time is also an indispensable feature in PM software.


GanttPRO is an online project management software with an interactive Gantt chart as its main interface. A Gantt chart is an essential tool in project planning, execution, and tracking. GanttPRO Gantt chart provides a great number of information at a glance, including a task list, due dates, task durations, dependencies, and resources assigned, among others. The interface uses drag-and-drop functionality, so users can easily change the order of tasks for priority. They can also indent or outdent tasks, set durations with automatic scheduling, and set dependencies in one click.

The online Gantt chart maker also goes beyond just project planning and scheduling. GanttPRO can be used by an individual or by teams. It has built-in collaboration features, so members can communicate, attach files, or share charts without having to use another application. Moreover, it has resource management features for checking the team’s workload, customizable working days, a board view, critical path, time log, and reports.

Is GanttPRO for your team?

GanttPRO is a popular solution among project teams. GanttPRO is for your team if you prefer:

  • An intuitive interface that is highly interactive with drag-and-drop simplicity.
  • A solution that is easy to learn and quick to use.
  • An affordable web-based solution at less than $6 per user per month paid annually for a team of 15 users.
  • A PM tool with built-in collaboration and communication features.
  • To share your charts to clients or external partners in a couple of clicks.
  • A tool with a history of changes, undo functions and baselining.
  • To work on, but not limited to, the Mac platform.

GanttPRO is used by freelancers, teams, and companies of all sizes. Some of its clients are the United Nations Development Programme, DHL, NASA, and Salesforce.

MS Project

Microsoft Project is one of the earliest project management software available. Over the years, it has gone through many changes. Learning from customers and hearing countless feedback, MS Project has recently been revised, or re-imagined, as Microsoft puts it. They have tried to make their online PM software offering simpler to use, more flexible, collaborative, and powerful. MS Project Online has a new intuitive design to help new users not feel intimidated. Additional board and list views are now available, together with the standard Gantt timeline view. Users can collaborate using Microsoft Teams. They are able to assign tasks, add schedules, and track due dates in a central view.

Microsoft admits that project management in the cloud is the wave of the future. But it still offers on-premise solutions that can be installed on the desktop as well as a scalable server version. Different plans offer more or fewer features, depending on the plan. For example, Project Professional 2019 on-premise solution allows users to manage resources, sync with Project Online and Project Server, and submit timesheets. These features are absent in Project Standard 2019. Likewise, these features are also present in cloud-based Project Plan 3, but absent in Project Plan 1.

Is MS Project for your team?

MS Project is a well-known solution by its longevity and because of its parent company. MS Project is for your team if you prefer:

  • A PM tool that works seamlessly with other Microsoft products.
  • A software for its timesheet and roadmap features, as well as an option to work on a desktop client.
  • A solution with portfolio selection and optimization features.
  • To capture and evaluate project ideas that can come from any part of the organization through a standard process.
  • A software that can help you plan and manage enterprise resources.

MS Project is used by organizations of all sizes. Customers include Aston Martin, Brookdale Senior Living Solutions, Cardiff University, and DT Group.

Find the best PM solution for your team

As more companies adopt project management to support their business strategy, more cloud-based PM solutions are being offered because of benefits not present in on-premise solutions. Cloud PM solutions usually have lower up-front costs, payable either monthly or annually. Updates are automatically done, improving the security of the applications. Online solutions are highly accessible, allowing teams wherever they are to be more connected. And connected teams result in increased productivity, leading to higher chances of project success. The first step, however, in choosing your online solution is to know your specific project management needs.

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