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Overview Presentation

FunctionFox (previously TimeFox) is a simple online timesheet and project management software for creative teams. It helps users track time and expenses, keep actual costs and effort as close as possible to estimates, and manage clients and projects. The software is a more efficient alternative to paper timesheets or Excel spreadsheet. With smart and automated tools, users are able to track projects accurately with lesser administrative time spent. Thus, they are able to free up more time that they can spend being creative.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Time and Expense TrackingFunctionFox has an easy-to-use timesheet feature with stopwatch timer to accurately capture time spent on tasks. It also has tools for project cost and expense tracking, estimates, quotes, and budgets. Users can completely manage all aspects of business, from start to end, with tools for invoicing and retainers as well. Advanced tools enable them to check resource availability also.
  • Project Tracking and Task Management – The unified timesheet and project management software provides users with one tool to manage tasks and their rates, for unlimited projects and clients. It has personal calendar, group calendar, project status, to-do lists with email alerts, project scheduling, and timelines with milestones, among others.
  • Reporting, Flink, CEO Desktop, Access Rights, and more – FunctionFox provides users with reporting tools that generate information about tasks, personnel, productivity, estimate, expense, ranking, and user group as well as custom reports. The Flink feature allows collaboration through attachment of files and exchange of documents. The CEO Desktop is a dashboard view that enable users to compare estimates with actual figures to make sure projects are kept on target, and the scope under control. Other features include access rights to users and clients/contractors, contacts management, account preferences and customization, custom fields, advanced report generator, export of data, and free customer support. It is compatible to any mobile device, but also has native apps for Android and iOS devices.


FunctionFox is available in 3 versions, namely, Classic, Premier, and In-house. The Classic plan is priced at $35 per month for the first user, with $5 per month per additional user. This plan includes timesheets and project tracking features, such as timesheet with stopwatch timer, project tracking with email reminders, and reporting on clients, projects, personnel, among other features. The next 2 higher plans include all the features of the previous plan with additional advanced features. Special discounts are available to non-profits and academic institutions.

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Target Market

FunctionFox is is ideal for small creative firms. It can be used by individuals as well as organizations with over 50 people. The application is not limited to the creative industry, and can help any organization with time and project tracking requirements.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Kickcharge Creative, Tivoli Partners and Company, Mouncey and Company, Andrew Hume and Associates, Atomic Crayon, Blaine Turner, and Cre8tiv Juice.


Ken Jurina stated that FunctionFox help made their entire staff more efficient, increased productivity and profits, and made them more accountable to their clients. They have depended and continue to depend on it for over 6 years now, very grateful to have such an advanced service and support for minimal fees.

Carol Vincent stated that she is now able to make decisions about estimating, billing, and human resources based on fact since using the timesheet and project management software. They were able to solve the problem of tracking time without having one person spend so much time entering everybody’s timesheets and collate them manually.

Why FunctionFox

FunctionFox as an online software is always accessible and updated, ready to be used with minimal cost. It is a solution especially made for creative business and companies, with free unlimited customer support. The company offers a dedicated account rep and offers more than software but a partnership to help business succeed.

Company Info

FunctionFox Systems is the maker of time and project management software FunctionFox, formerly TimeFox. It is a privately held company founded in 2001 with headquarters at Victoria, BC, Canada. The software was created to solve the requirements of timesheet tracking and project management, which are essential to productivity and profitability, but especially problematic to small businesses. The team led by Corina Ludwig, President, consists of people with extensive business and customer service experience, and seasoned technical experts with background in networking, database management, and web usability. Everyone is committed to helping the user and their business succeed.

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