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Overview Presentation

FunctionFox is a simple online timesheet and project management software for creative teams. It helps users track time and expenses, keep actual costs and effort as close as possible to estimates, and manage clients and projects. The software is a more efficient alternative to paper timesheets or Excel spreadsheet. The smart and automated tools enable users to enjoy reduced admin time and improved workflows. Thus, they are able to free up more valuable time which they can spend being creative.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Time Tracking and ReportingFunctionFox has built-in timesheets with stopwatch timer for easy time tracking. Users can also track estimates and budgets, and compare with actual figures to keep projects on target. The CEO Desktop feature is a dashboard for client, project, and personnel overview. Other features include tasks with editable rates, retainer tracking, invoicing, and quoting. It includes reports for projects, productivity, expense, status, cycle, and capacity, among others. An advanced report builder allows users to create custom reports.
  • Project Management – The simple online timesheet software includes powerful project management tools that includes project costs and expense tracking, timelines with milestones to capture project deadlines, project schedule and project calendar views. It also has templates for quickly replicating past successful projects, actions with due dates and priorities for task delegation, and to-do list with email alerts. Other features include the ability to export and share project schedule, interactive resource availability calendar, estimate and retainer email alerts, and customizable project request forms.
  • Communication and Collaboration, Customization, Personal Calendar, Mobile Apps, and more – FunctionFox also includes a Flink Document Exchange tool, the ability to set access rights, freelancer/contractor access, and a project blog with email alerts on comments. All plans include unlimited clients and projects, account preferences and customization, project status and custom status options, and custom fields to capture and track project details. It has a personal calendar, with iCal support and meeting scheduler, as well as a group calendar. Native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms are available, as well as an address book for client contacts and vendors. Customer support and onboarding is free.



FunctionFox is available in 3 versions, namely, Classic, Premier, and In-House. The Classic plan is priced at $35 per month for the first user, with $5 per month per additional user. This plan includes timesheets and project tracking features, such as timesheet with stopwatch timer, unlimited clients and projects, estimate and budget tracking, retainer tracking, comprehensive reports, and more. The Premier plan at $50 per month for the first user, and $10 per month per additional user includes all Classic plan features plus advanced project management tools. The In-House plan designed for in-house creative teams is at $150 per month for the first user, and $20 per month per additional user. It includes all features. They also offer free ongoing support through personalized, real person email and phone support, quick response, and transition assistance from previous process. Special pricing discounts to non-profits and academic institutions are available. A free-14-day demo is also offered.

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Target Market

FunctionFox is ideal for small to mid-sized creative firms. It can be used by individuals as well as organizations with over 50 people. The application is not limited to the creative industry, and can help any organization with time and project tracking requirements.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Pattison Outdoor Advertising, Guardian Life Insurance, Pfizer, Flight Centre, Moore Communications Group, and Teleflora.



Jennifer Avis stated that after settling on FunctionFox, it has become the hub of all their projects, large and small, from start to finish. Their team of producers, editors, and designers like the user friendly interface, and the adoption of the application has resulted to a more streamlined workflow.

Joseph Feeks has been using the simple time tracking and project management software for almost 11 years. He and his team are extremely pleased with both the FunctionFox product and its technical support. He described the tool as simple to set up and navigate, and invaluable for client reports.

Why FunctionFox

FunctionFox is a simple and powerful business tool that can immediately help users streamline their internal planning, keep multiple projects on track, and reduce communications breakdown. As a result, they will be able to meet every deadline to the satisfaction of their customers and the growth of their business.

Company Info

FunctionFox Systems is the maker of time and project management software FunctionFox, formerly TimeFox. It is a privately held company founded in 2001 with headquarters at Victoria, BC, Canada. The software was created to solve the requirements of timesheet tracking and project management, which are essential to productivity and profitability, but especially problematic to small businesses. The team led by Corina Ludwig, President, consists of people with extensive business and customer service experience, and seasoned technical experts with background in networking, database management, and web usability. Everyone is committed to helping the user and their business succeed.

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