Freedcamp Software Review for 2022

Overview Presentation

Freedcamp is a free online project management software. It enables teams to use a single collaborative tool to manage all their tasks, project plans, workflow, schedule, milestones, communications, documents, issues and time spent. It is a flexible system where users can start with basic features and get more advanced ones later as their needs change.

Features, Benefits and Product Strengths

  • Task ManagementFreedcamp has task lists to provide an overview of all the tasks that needs to be completed. Users can split large tasks into smaller subtasks. They can also use a Kanban board view to manage tasks as they are brought to completion. A personal task view allows a user to keep personal tasks private. A Gantt chart provides a bird’s eye view of all tasks, dates, and assignees, that also allows users to make quick adjustments within the chart.
  • Project Management and Collaboration ‚Äì The free online project management software is complete with Milestones where tasks lists can be grouped and set as an important goal to be reached by a certain date. The Calendar enables the team to see an overview of due items from one place, and also where they can create events, tasks, and milestones, among others. Project templates help duplicate projects for a quick start off. A social wall provides all members of the team or the company to communicate in real-time to increase productivity. They can discuss tasks, projects, and other work-related ideas easily and in context, without having to go through long email threads. A wiki within the software can keep important documentation as well as the history of all its versions.
  • Issues and Time Tracking, Integrations, Mobile Apps, and more ‚Äì Freedcamp is an integrated tool that also has an issue tracker for a more robust way of dealing with task issues. The time tracker feature enables users to track how they spent their work day or how they can accurately bill their clients. A native iOS app is available, with the Android app coming very soon. A Windows desktop app is also available. Other features include CRM, invoices, white label branding, file management and file editing, among others. The software also integrates with popular third-party tools such as Google Calendar and Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more.

What is the Pricing of Freedcamp?

Freedcamp offers a free plan and several simple paid plans. All plans include core application features such as tasks, calendar, file management, discussions, milestones, time tracking, collaboration wall, and passwords. Also, all plans include for unlimited projects, tasks, storage, and users. The paid plans start with the Minimalist plan at $1.49 per active user per month billed annually, or $2.49 billed month by month. It includes email-in feature and integration with cloud storage services. The Freelancer plan also includes additional features such as CRM and invoices. The Business plan includes all features, including issue tracker, project templates, and reports. An Enterprise plan includes additional benefits and features of overview, white label, fast support, daily backup, private cloud, and 2FA. A 14-day free trial period is offered.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

Freedcamp is an ideal project management solution for individuals, groups, teams, and organizations of all sizes. They are valuable to freelancers, startups, professional services, consultants, and SMBs. Families, student groups, educational institutions and NGOs can take advantage of its free and affordable offers.

Supported Languages

Supports English, German, Greek, French, Hebrew, Croatian, and Russian.

Some of Their Clients

Clients include Airbnb, PayPal, Google, Apple, Deloitte, Getty Images, and CBS.


Eric H. described Freedcamp as amazing. He uses it everyday to maintain his sanity while juggling projects. He highly recommends it.

Allison G. stated that in terms of customer service, the project management software is amazing. She notes that the service team really wanted their product to be the best it can be. They respond to customers as a valuable asset to making their product better. They care so much about their product and those using it.

Why Freedcamp?

Freedcamp is a free/affordable collaborative project management tool with solid core features to keep everyone on the same page and their business efficient and productive. It is flexible with additional modules and has integrations that can grow with the customer or team as their needs change. It is also easy to use, recognized by Capterra as #1 among its Top 20 Most User-Friendly Project Management Software.

Company Info

Freedcamp Inc., is a privately held software development company based in Santa Barbara, CA, USA. It was founded in 2009 by Angel Grablev as Freedcamp, LLC at first. Angel is a web developer who started his first social network for gamers at age 16. He also built the first HTML5 and CSS3 framework and a web development blog site visited by thousands per day. While gaining experience in multiple companies, he found the inefficiency of having to use different web based tools that were not made to work together. So, he started Freedcamp. To date, the company has raised a total of $574K in funding, with the latest round in July 2017. It is committed to its mission of providing teams a single project management hub where they can collaborate and stay in touch together.

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