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elapseit is an integrated resource planning, time tracking, and project management platform for businesses. It is a scalable, unified solution that enables users to plan and manage resources, timesheets, budgets, tasks, and other important information in real time using an intuitive interface. Companies are able to rely on a single platform to improve organization, streamline operations, and boost overall success without having to use several disconnected apps.

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elapseit : Features and Strengths

Resourcing and Time Tracking

elapseit provides resource management tools and views to easily visualize and balance team workload. A drag-and-drop interface enables users to re-prioritize projects and redistribute hours of assignees in real time. Users can choose from a people’s view or a project’s view to visualize team members’ schedules and projects. Resourcing tools also pre-populate timesheets to streamline time tracking. The software has built-in leave management features that show employees how much leave they have taken and how much remains.

Time tracking features help payroll processing become more efficient, increase cost visibility, and automate billing and invoicing. Aside from pre-populated timesheets, users can also log manually the number of hours worked on projects. Users can submit timesheets to go through the automated approval workflow. Notifications show the submitted hours and the approval status.


Task and Project Management

Users can create, allocate, and track tasks in elapseit from beginning to end. They can delegate tasks to teammates and set deadlines. Task management supplements the project planning and identification of phases. Users can connect each task to a project and appoint someone responsible for executing the task. Built-in collaboration features make it easy to attach files, share ideas, and add feedback. Teams can also customize task types, priority levels, statuses, and rules.

Users can view tasks and subtasks in elapseit Gantt chart. It gives a full picture of the project’s progress, complete with status, assignee, and chronological relationships. Drag and drop allows users to modify tasks directly from the Gantt view. The Kanban view, on the other hand, allows teams to see the big picture or the entire project while maintaining control of the workflow. Both Gantt and Kanban have project views and people view options.

Bird’s-eye View, Reporting, Invoicing, and More

elapseit provides a bird’s-eye view through several tools. The Project Pulse displays metrics on a project’s overall performance and progress. It also highlights particular problems like overdue tasks, priorities, and issues. The Resourcing Dashboard includes custom graphs that allow users to show as many details as needed on resourcing status. It also has real-time stats that use small progress bars and different visualizations to show important data.

Invoicing features automatically turn timesheets into invoices with a few clicks. Users can also create manually a free-form invoice with the option to translate it into other languages. Other features include custom tax rates, company branding, and multi-currency. Other elapseit features are expense management, file management with corresponding folders to store and share files with access permissions, and native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

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elapseit Pricing

elapseit offers several paid plans that are right for a company’s business requirements. Customers can pay annually or monthly. All plans include unlimited users and projects, multi-language invoicing, document management, and audit logs. A 30-day free trial is available.

The Resourcing package at $12.60 /user/month billed annually (or $14 /user billed monthly) includes time tracking, resource management, and forecasting features. The Complete package at $18.90 /uer/month billed annually (or $21 /user monthly) includes all features in the Resourcing plan with the addition of task management. The Enterprise package is a custom solution that can include specific features, personalized integrations, dedicated support, and custom PMCOM.


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Who Uses elapseit?

elapseit is applicable to businesses of all sizes across industries in need of an integrated resource planning, time tracking, and project management platform. Many teams and companies in the technology, software, consulting and services, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing sectors choose the software. Customers include The Information Lab Italy, QPES AG, Chronion, Talosix, AND Digital, Pacifico Structural Steel, DigiVikings, Clipper Logistics, and Elenjical Solutions.

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elapseit Supported Languages

elapseit supports English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages. Also, users can customize invoices in other languages and save them for later use.

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Case Studies

Emanuele Farotti is the managing partner of an IT services company based in Milan, Italy. After testing several software solutions, they chose elapseit because it is the solution that provided the company with all the capabilities they needed. From resource planning to invoicing and from timesheet and expense to project management, it matched all their needs, including an intuitive interface that made the adoption fast and easy. Its customer service always supported Emanuele’s team to find and even tailor solutions to meet their requirements.

Sölen Ozguz is the COO of QPES AG, an IT services company in Küssnacht, Switzerland. In search of a project management tool for the company, Sölen stated that elapseit was her first choice and eventually became the backbone of the company. The software is easy to use, user friendly, and with great features for reporting, analyzing, and sourcing. Also, it provides perfect customer relations, with solutions readily available or delivered within days whenever they require it.

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Why Choose elapseit?

elapseit is an effective solution to today’s real-time economy of fast-changing requirements, priorities, and available resources. It provides a unified set of tools to access, share, and secure data to manage people, projects, and profits. Comprehensive features, customizable tools, and reliable customer service all bring together a great experience for its customers.

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Company Info

elapseit LLC is a privately held software company based in Timișoara, Romania. It was founded in 2017 by Marius Ciorecan and Sorin Chiș, managing partners of the company. With a team of designers, developers, testers, PR, and marketing professionals, they decided to build an effective, full-featured, and all-inclusive time management and resource planning software solution. With a mission to simplify the way companies use their time and resources, elapseit enables users to connect, perform, improve, and leverage an existing company’s resources while rescuing time and using it wisely.

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