Effective Project Management With Trello – A Training Course


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Effective Project Management With Trello is a popular Udemy course that teaches participants how to manage their projects and team using a free cloud-based software. It attempts to address the challenges that a project manager or team leader experiences daily. The course then provides a solution by introducing a visual organizing software and its features, its native iPhone application and some tips and techniques to boost productivity and be more effective. People who are accidentally placed in project management roles and responsibilities are seldom provided the proper training and tools to be more effective in their jobs. Instead of being in control of the situation, they are overwhelmed by countless unproductive meetings that take most of their time so that by the end of the day, very little to none gets actually done. The situation can get more complicated when multiple projects are running simultaneously, and/or the team is located in several different locations or time zones. This course will enable the participants to use Trello as quickly as possible as a tool to organize work, manage projects, and collaborate with the team so that time is actually spent on getting the project done. effective project management with trello

Course Price

$20 Take this course

Student Requirements

This course is open for students of all levels. It is ideal for those who are in project management roles looking for an accessible and online tool such as Trello. Those with an iPhone will gain maximum benefit. Trello is also available in the Android platform, but its use is outside the scope of this course. This Udemy on-demand course is available in the web, iOS and Android platforms.

Course Objectives and Learnings

By the end of Effective Project Management With Trello course, the student would have listened to 23 video lectures with over 2 hours of content. They would be able to access the Trello site, register for a free account, and manage their tasks to boost their productivity. They would be able to invite, add and collaborate with their teams and have greater control of their project workflow, using either the software’s web platform or on the go with its native iPhone application. A certificate of completion is given to students who finish the course.

Target Audience

This course is valuable for those in project management roles, team leads, freelancers, or startup business owners. It can also be helpful to anyone who wants to be more effective in planning events or managing tasks involving other people to be more efficient in using their time.


Effective Project Management With Trello is divided into 4 sections. The first section which runs over 14 minutes is divided into 3 chapters that introduces the student to the Trello application, some basic functionality and required settings. The second section has 8 chapters that goes into more detail about how the application works, how to add members, and its many features to organize work such as labels and filtering, due date and calendar, file attachments and other board and card functionality. effective project management with trello 2 The third section is an even more detailed discussion of the application on the iPhone platform. In 10 short chapters, the student will be taught how to download Trello, navigate the application, choose options and settings and be connected with the project and people while on the move. The fourth and last section consists of two chapters of over 10 minutes providing some more key points and a final thought from the author.


Uri Soglowek is a professional video maker and editor, and has been for the last 15 years teaching people how to shoot and edit professional videos. He uses Trello for managing his projects, which at times can be as many as 15 running simultaneously. He has also implemented the application within the business of his clients. He currently has six other Udemy courses that teaches students how to make videos using the latest software such as Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Element 3D, and Screenflow 5, as well as using the iPhone to create great videos.


Effective Project Management With Trello has received a 4.8 out of 5 rating from 11 reviewers, with 9 of them giving 5 stars. There are more than 500 students enrolled to this course. Chris O’Connor described the course as a great way to be up and running with Trello quickly. He stated further that the course is of the right length which has finally enabled him to start using the application to work more efficiently. Naketa Thigpen stated that although she had the PM app for months before taking the course, she did not really understood its full functionality. She described the course as great, quick and succinct and answered all questions that she could think of.

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