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EdWel-LogoWith the increasing workloads and deadlines, the ability to manage ones time efficiently is very important. Hence, project management which involves overseeing projects from conception to completion, is a growing art and field that is used in most businesses. However, a question that often arises is why does project management play a critical role in running of an organisation. Although managing projects is not an easy task, understanding the techniques of management not only helps the organisation in carrying out projects on time but also ensure that they have been executed effectively within the allocated budget without disrupting the other business at large. Edwel Programs provides project management courses to achieve these goals.

Introducing Edwel Program

Edwel Programs has been engaged in training employees to increase their ability to manage their time efficiently and improve project planning for the last 25 years. With over 25000 Edwel graduates, their PMP courses are a trusted training program, which to a great extent guarantees a passing score in your very first attempt. The company offers a 4 day instructor-led boot camp along with easily accessible resources on their site to aid your learning and answering abilities. Their centers, providing onsite training, are located in over 20 cities in the United States.

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PMP Boot Camp

It is well established that PM is a solid investment in your future as it re-energizes your career. Edwel Programs provides a four-day PMP Certification Boot Camp, that has over the years proven to be a huge success, enabling the trainees to pass the exam on the very first attempt. The intensive four-day training program is led by a professional Project Management certified instructor who will not only provide you with the most rigorous training but will also assist you with the entire application process. Moreover, all they need is a single enrolled student to conduct the class, along with a full money-back guarantee

Project Management Essentials

Edwel Programs provides a One-Day PM Essentials Training Program to further polish and hone your skills as a project manager. The program is full of tools and tips for not only improving project planning but also how to effectively manage your time, organisation, and management of strategies, thus providing you with a hands-on approach. The one-day instructor-led virtual class provides a load of study material and guides, in addition to 8 contact hours.

Six Sigma Training

Along with the Project Management training certification, the Lean Six Sigma Certification is also a solid investment in your career. Edwel Programs has been providing this specific training course since 1992. The highly experienced and trained instructors provide you with hard core, practical training over a period of five days. Also, by the end of this period, you are a fully accredited Six Sigma Green belt.

Agile Certification

To improve your ability to implement Agile practices on your upcoming tasks and projects, they also provide a two day Agile/Scrum boot camp. This instructor-led virtual class runs for 2 days. The certified instructors provide you with all the necessary guides and manuals, and you can even take a 500+ question exam simulator. By the end of the program, you should be aware of Scrum best practices and latest developments in Agile practices.

A Veteran in PM Training

Having recently celebrated their 25th anniversary, Edwel Programs can be considered a veteran in the industry. In addition to their training programs, they provide invaluable free material as well, such as a 100-question PMP Final Exam, a list of common misconceptions about PMP certification, and a list of tips and tricks to pass your PMP exam. For latest training promos and news, visit their Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube pages.

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