Best EDR Tools for 2021

Best EDR Tools for 2021Networks and their resources within need to be secured because of possible attacks from malicious sources. The types of network attacks have evolved over time, from passive data interception to active types of attacks that are more disruptive and damaging. To enhance network security, IT professionals deploy several strategies to protect all parts of the network, especially the endpoints. Devices at the network endpoints that bridge to the internet have the most vulnerable attack paths. To protect endpoints, devices are subjected to follow a certain level of compliance to standards and policies.

A popular approach to endpoint security is the use of both prevention and detection approaches. Endpoint protection platforms (EPP) are preventive systems that are ideal against high-volume threats from malware, including ransomware. However, if an attack is able to bypass a firewall and other EPP systems, the threat can linger undetected. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) security provides the next level of protection because prevention alone cannot provide complete network protection. Threats that managed to slip in undetected can patiently wait for some time and carefully create back doors that will allow them to return at will, bypassing EPP systems like antivirus software.

What are EDR tools and their features?

EDR solutions are software systems deployed to protect computer devices at network endpoints. Applications or agents gather data from endpoint devices and analyze them to detect, identify, and reveal potential threats and issues. EDR software continually monitors the device, and when a suspected threat is found, it immediately alerts IT security personnel usually with a set of recommended actions. EDR tools can be integrated or be a component of security information and event management (SIEM) systems.

EDR security promotes visibility through continuous monitoring and recording of activities and events taking place at endpoints. Other important features of EDR solutions are search and investigation of incident data, detection and validation of suspicious activity, alert triage, threat hunting or data exploration, and automated actions to stop malicious activity. Threat intelligence capabilities and cloud-based solutions are some of the modern features now being offered by endpoint detection and response technology vendors.

Best endoint detection & response (EDR) tools

Below is a list of top EDR software and service providers in no particular order. They have been recognized by industry media, highly rated in reviews, with good user feedback, and top company ranking.

Broadcom Symantec

Symantec Endpoint Security offers an endpoint detection and response solution that promotes deep visibility, precision analytics, and workflow automation to speed up threat hunting. With cloud-based analytics, threat intelligence, and 24/7 managed services, users can quickly discover and resolve threats with a reduced mean time to remediation. Automation and integrations for sandboxing, SIEM, and orchestration can help with skills shortages and streamline Security Operation Center (SOC) operations. Symantec EDR software is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux devices.

Comodo EDR

Comodo Cybersecurity provides EDR security with continuous real-time visibility of endpoints. A lightweight agent software updated via the cloud provides actionable intelligence for endpoint remediation. Reporting tools reduce the total number of incidents while alerts allow security teams to quickly find the solution. Features such as forecast detection, timeline response, and threat visualizations enhance EPP solutions to prevent ransomware, data breaches, and advanced malware.

Panda Adaptive Defense

Panda Security, a WatchGuard company, offers its Adaptive Defense product for an integrated EPP and EDR solution. A lightweight agent classifies all activities at endpoints, malicious or otherwise. With greater visibility at all endpoints, users gain control of all running processes and reduce surfaces where attacks can occur. Features include prevention, detection, and response tools against malwares and malware-less attacks, real-time and historical visibility, 100 percent classification of all processes, and forensic analysis by Panda security analysts.

CrowdStrike EDR

CrowdStrike offers the Falcon Insight EDR software that delivers continuous and comprehensive visibility at endpoints. Continuous monitoring captures endpoint activity while visibility and analysis automates the detection of suspicious activities and stealthy attacks. Features include continuous raw event recording, proactive and managed threat hunting, Incident Workbench with threat intelligence data, and real-time situational awareness.

FireEye Endpoint Security

Endpoint detection and response is a key feature of FireEye Endpoint Security. Endpoints are continuously monitored using indicators of compromise (IoC). The automated EDR process helps streamline the threat detection process, promotes instant threat detection, and enables quicker investigation, reporting, and response. The EDR solution provides visibility across the entire endpoint network, allowing for rapid incident response. Other advanced features include sandboxing, IoC scanning, and retrospective analysis. EDR is one of the many capabilities of FireEye, which also has integrated virus and malware protection, forensics, and diagnosis.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks offers the Cortex XDR extended detection and response solution. It is a platform that covers the security of endpoints as well as networks, cloud data, and third-party data. With behavioral analytics and machine learning, it continuously profiles endpoint, network, and user behavior to detect threats and uncover attacks. EDR tools include flexible response options to block malware, isolate endpoints, execute scripts, and perform sweeps across the entire infrastructure. A lightweight agent with AI analysis blocks malware, exploits, and fileless attacks.

Sophos Intercept-X Endpoint

Sophos provides endpoint protection with Intercept-X Endpoint that protects against malware, ransomware, exploits, and viruses. It provides EDR security by integrating a powerful software and a top-rated endpoint protection platform. Intercept-X detects and investigates suspicious activities with AI-driven analysis. Other features include ransomware file protection, automatic file recovery, behavioral analysis, exploit prevention, and active adversary mitigations.

Bitdefender GravityZone

Bitdefender offers several GravityZone EDR solutions for different business sizes. These can be deployed on premises or on the cloud and also available for managed service providers. GravityZone covers physical and virtual servers and workstations, mobile devices, Microsoft Exchange servers, and IoT devices. It offers multilayered protection with features that include machine learning, advanced heuristics, anti-ransomware, anti-exploit, and signatures. Firewall and device control tools are also included.


McAfee MVISION capabilities include endpoint threat detection, investigation, and response. It helps IT security professionals to prioritize threats by reducing the time to detect and respond to threats. Its AI-guided investigation automatically probes while gathering, summarizing, and visualizing evidence from multiple sources. As a cloud-based solution, it is low maintenance so security analysts can focus more on strategic defense. Features include a monitoring workspace, automatic identification of key findings, visuals that display relationships, and AI-guided investigation of security incidents.

Cisco Secure Endpoint

Cisco Secure Endpoint, formerly named Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), unifies user and endpoint security through its SecureX platform. It delivers integrated enhanced detection and response capabilities to protect endpoints and maximize operational efficiency. The EDR solution helps reduce vulnerabilities with several prevention techniques so that threats are stopped before they can further compromise the network. Features include behavioral analytics, machine learning, signature-based techniques, threat hunting, endpoint isolation, and coordinated defense, among others.

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