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ecornell logoGlobalization and a highly competitive environment have triggered the need for proof of competency in the form of diplomas, licenses and certifications. Employers and organizations are looking for assurance that the person they want to be part of their team has completed relevant formal education, has been tested to perform successfully the required skills, and has been approved to engage in such activity or discipline by an educational institution or a recognized professional or government body. Certification clearly has several advantages. They enhance a person’s credibility, often distinguishing the holder from those who do not have it. eCornell offers online certificate programs to students around the world.

Introducing eCornell

eCornell is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the prestigious Cornell University. It was founded in 2000 with headquarters in Ithaca, New York. It offers several professional online certificate programs that have been recognized and have received awards. Some of these programs cater to disciplines of leadership and strategic management, human resources, healthcare, and project leadership. The courses have been developed by the University faculty and often include practical and relevant insights from industry experts. The learning experience is kept interesting, practical, and most of all, relevant by allowing the students to interact with expert instructors and with other participants as well.

Project Leadership Certificate Program

One of the online certificate programs in eCornell is Project Leadership and Systems Design. The program aims to develop project leaders who possess a blend of specialized knowledge and key skills to drive the project’s performance to its optimum. This six-course certificate program has been designed by the University’s College of Engineering. It is ideal for PMPs, project managers and business managers working with a project team. These are 100 percent, online, self-paced courses but have defined start and end dates that help drive the course to completion. Also, they are facilitated by subject matter experts that help the participants apply the concepts to real-world, on-the-job scenarios.

The Project Leadership online certificate program combines the effective components usually found in a Cornell University classroom but with a flexible online environment. The participant will be part of a group of 20 to 30 learners from various organizations, industries and countries, and the resulting interaction will produce great amounts of shared learning. Those who complete the course will receive an equivalent 36.5 PDU from the PMI and 36 recertification credit hours from the HRCI. Participants can choose to pay in two ways. They can prepay in full or choose a monthly payment plan. eCornell also offers group pricing discounts that corporate programs can take advantage of.

The Project Leadership and Systems Design certificate program consists of courses such as Introduction to Project Leadership, Project Teams, Dealing with Difference, Earned Value Management, Influence without Authority, and Conflict Resolution. For example, the Introduction to Project Leadership course defines the role and functions of a project manager. It also provides a framework for the development process. The participant learns to balance technical expertise as well as a full understanding of team dynamics and interpersonal relationships. Next, the Project Teams course introduces theories about group dynamics and group cohesion. Upon completion, the participants are equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge to capitalize a group’s collective intelligence. This series of short, typically two-week, online courses can be completed within three months.

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Advancing Careers, Maximizing Potential

One of eCornell’s clients who took the Project Leadership online certification program was Teletech Holdings, a large international BPO company. The first two classes alone garnered over $6 million in ROI for the company. Aside from those mentioned, other programs are finance and managerial accounting, hospitality and food service management, marketing, and plant-based nutrition. Clients range from the manufacturing industry such as Moog, to NGOs such as UNICEF, the military, healthcare, financial, hospitality, technology, life sciences, and more. To know more about eCornell, visit their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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