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DragonboatDragonboat is product portfolio management software that enables teams and companies to strategize, prioritize, deliver, and improve their products. It includes integrated tools and features that allow teams to connect and align high-level business objectives with product initiatives and features. Teams are able to build roadmaps, create plans, track progress, and deliver products more efficiently through improved visibility, prioritization, tool integration, and data-driven decision-making.

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Dragonboat Review: Features and Strengths


Dragonboat software enables users to create a framework to guide product decision-making across all levels of their organization. It provides the tools to connect high-level vision and goals with initiatives and features. Users can connect top-down by aligning OKRs across all levels, bottom-up through innovation and ideation to achieve goals, or across through team collaboration and dependency support.


Users can prioritize qualitatively or quantitatively by applying different prioritization frameworks such as RICE, MoAR, or custom tools. Dragonboat has tools to capture and manage feature requests and compare roadmap scenarios. It centralizes feedback and insights in a Request Portal, organizes requests in a multi-dimensional configuration, and allows users to link requests and product ideas in a flexible structure.

Delivery, Improvement, Automation, Reporting, and More

Dragonboat lets users plan roadmaps and assess allocation in real time. Users can perform trade-off analyses and what-if scenarios with consideration of benefits, resources, and dependencies. They can view and share roadmap progress rollups at all levels in real time, estimate and allocate resources, and identify and plan dependencies. The software automatically tracks and predicts risks with auto-health color and sends alerts via 2-way sync with Jira, Azure DevOps, Asana, Clubhouse, and GitHub. Other features are automation, stakeholder updates, milestones, forecasting, and integration.


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Dragonboat Pricing

Dragonboat pricing is available in several paid plans. A free plan for a single editor or product manager at a non-profit or startup is also offered. An editor is a Dragonboat user who can create and edit the app, and has access to all modules. Readers have read and comment-only access on shared reports and requests.

Starting Plan: $39 /editor/month billed annually or $49 /editor/month

The Starting Plan is a standalone plan without integration connecting it to a team tool. It includes portfolio what-if scenarios, Gantt charts, and unlimited roadmaps and teams. It allows users to set OKRs, prioritize with data, forecast resources, and plan and share roadmaps.

Scaling Plan: $69 /editor/month billed annually or $89 /editor/month

The Scaling Plan includes all features in the Starting Plan with the addition of automated progress rollup, timeline and health predictions, multi-level portfolio trends, dynamic reports, Google SSO, free Readers, and 1 integration.

Enterprise Plan: $99 /editor/month billed annually or $129 /editor/month

The Enterprise Plan includes all Scaling Plan features as well as additional advanced features like additional data hierarchy, custom fields, custom data mapping, portfolio financials, and roadmap baseline and history, among others.

Enterprise+ Plan

A custom Enterprise+ Plan is also available with additional separate modules to enable advanced resourcing and multiple integrations. It also includes advanced permissions, a dedicated customer success manager, an onboarding concierge, and access to experts.

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Who Uses Dragonboat?

Dragonboat software users are product managers, product operations, product and engineering leaders, and cross-functional teams. Many users are small and midsize companies in need of a product portfolio management platform. Customers include Rapyd, F5 Networks, Chime, Miro, Tealium, ZenBusiness, OMG Network, Nium, and EasyPost.

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Dragonboat Supported Languages

Dragonboat is available in English only at the moment.


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Case Studies

Jackie Orlando is the Director of Product Operations of a provider of customer data orchestration tools based in San Diego, CA. As the organization’s product management continues to grow, the company needed to continue building and scaling product operations. In particular, the company needed to have a single source of truth for idea management, a way to make smarter outcome-based decisions, and visibility for senior leadership. Jackie stated that Dragonboat checked all the boxes, providing visibility throughout the organization from a single, centralized place.

Johnny Guzman is the Director of Program Management of an Austin-based company that offers all the products and services a business needs to start, run, and grow. As the company grows rapidly, it needed a framework to guide strategy, planning, and decision-making. In particular, it needed tools to help plan and manage its goals and track against KPIs. The company chose Dragonboat software to help create focus across the portfolio. The software provided an integrated solution to help the company plan, track, and deliver OKRs, continuously review them, and adjust its focus.

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Why Choose Dragonboat?

Dragonboat is a flexible platform that allows users to configure the software to fit their ways of working. It lets users create their own framework with all the tools needed in one central solution. It also bridges strategy and execution, provides data and insights, and offers robust two-way integration with other tools to promote visibility.

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Company Info

Dragonboat, Inc., is a privately held software company based in Santa Clara, CA. It was founded in 2018 by Becky Flint and Lee Bailey. In the early 2000s, Becky Flint led the creation of product portfolio management function for fast-growing companies but was unable to find the right tools to support the needs of an outcome-focused product organization. So they created Dragonboat for product leaders and organizations to have a central tool that drives business results.


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