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Overview Presentation

Drag is an application that turns Gmail into an organized Kanban board. It works on Chrome and Opera browsers, with support for other browsers coming soon. The mailbox application promotes productivity by allowing users to manage their tasks directly from their inbox. They can use it in as many email addresses they want simply by enabling or disabling it inside Gmail.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Gmail Inbox to Kanban Boards ‚Äì Drag transforms Gmail into a Kanban board with a more visual layout. Instead of going over and working through lists, users are able to organize, categorize and prioritize emails into cards and columns with simple drag and drop. Now, people have greater control of what they want to work on, without the risk of misplacing, forgetting or burying important information or messages down at the bottom of the email list.
  • Simple and Efficient Task Management ‚Äì The productivity add-on not only transforms the mailbox layout but also enables the user a better way to manage work. Since the majority of emails are tasks, they can immediately turn messages into action items by organizing them into their proper workflow columns. Instead of forwarding or exporting emails into other task or project management apps, they can readily work on their tasks without switching apps, and then continue to work on their inbox for other communication activities.
  • Additional Details, Customization, and more ‚Äì Drag also includes features that provide additional information needed for task management. For example, users can add checklists to further divide tasks into subtasks. They can also add notes for more information and due dates to help prioritize and finish things within their alloted time. Moreover, users can create multiple custom boards to help them organize their emails and manage them as they relate to project, sales, helpdesk, and more. A collaborative team board that can be shared is a feature that will be available soon.


Drag offers a freemium pricing model. A limited Free plan includes for the ability to build 1 Drag board and 3 columns. The Pro plan at $3 per user/month billed yearly (or $5 per user monthly) includes for unlimited boards and columns, add tasks to inbox, add checklists, notes, due dates, and more. The Team plan currently on beta is priced at $9 per user/month billed annually ($12 monthly) includes all features in Pro, with the addition of collaborative/shared features, user roles, priority support, and more.

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Target Market

Drag is for Gmail users on Chrome or Opera browsers. More importantly, it is for individuals and teams who prefer to work on Gmail not only as their main communication application, but also their task management, CRM, or helpdesk platform.

Supported Language

Drag supports English, Spanish (South America), Portuguese (Brazilian), Hindi, and Chinese (Simplified)

Some of their Clients

Clients include teams in Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, Hubspot, Spotify, and Hootsuite.


Hannah Schenkenberger stated that she is thrilled with what Drag has allowed her to do. She added that it is the app that she has been looking and hoping for for a very long time. Kevin Lanning described the app as a great tool for organizing the inbox into simple categories, and allowing him to order the emails in these categories.

Why Drag

Drag helps Gmail users save time by allowing them to work directly on their inbox. They are able to capture information and tasks as they come along, organize them and place them in their right priority. There are now 30,000+ users in over 193 countries discovering the usefulness and practicality of transforming the Gmail inbox into something more powerful.

Company Info

Drag is a privately held technology startup company with headquarters in London, UK. It was founded in 2017 by Nick Timms and Eduarda Bardavid. The idea of the application came to them when they noticed how much people are spending their time in their inbox. Then they started planning, developing, marketing, and executing their plans. Six months later, they launched the Drag app. The company is raising funds through Sentient Capital to accelerate global growth. It has also made public the roadmap for the application’s coming features.

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