Planview Daptiv Review


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Planview Daptiv

Planview Daptiv is a highly configurable project portfolio management (PPM) software that enables PMOs, project teams, and business leaders gain better visibility across projects, programs, and portfolios. Its views, dashboards, and dynamic reports provide real-time status and deep insights to help users make timely decisions for improved business outcomes.

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Planview Daptiv Review: Features and Strengths

Project and Program Management

Planview Daptiv provides a comprehensive solution for managing projects and programs, tracking work, and improving the delivery process and time-to-market of a company’s project management office (PMO). Its built-in modules and capabilities are highly configurable so users can adjust the software according to how the organization works.

Program management tools let teams turn plans into actionable work using workspace hierarchies and roll-ups. Users can control project costs through added visibility into financials. Templates enable users to set up and standardize elements to execute tasks and deliverables consistently. It also has resource planning tools to match resources to projected demand.

Portfolio Management

Planview Daptiv includes PPM tools that let teams map projects to strategy, manage execution, and monitor their progress. Teams can use its roadmapping functionality to more clearly visualize how individual projects fit together and impact company strategy, along with understanding how changes will impact resources and budgets. Users can perform top-down and bottom-up planning throughout the project lifecycle.

Built-in scenario planning features that let teams plan and evaluate initiatives in a variety of situations help reduce risks. Users can understand the relationships between projects, capabilities, and applications for a more accurate assessment of impact to make better decisions faster. This strategy-to-execution alignment allow organizations to prioritize, focus, and drive better outcomes.

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Resource Management, Demand Intake, Dashboards, Analytics, and More

Planview Daptiv lets users match resources to demand with top-down and bottom-up resource planning. Top-down capacity planning highlights risks and opportunities early in the planning cycle. Bottom-up resource planning optimizes resource allocation to increase productivity and improve outcomes. It also has role-based allocation, task schedules, timesheets, and utilization analytics.

The PPM software has Kanban boards to track track ideas and initiatives across the portfolio lifecycle visually. Priority boards help evaluate new project ideas across a set of criteria. Other features are intuitive dashboards, insights, and advanced analytics that let users spend more time interpreting and analyzing data without having to write queries. Users can also connect their favorite data visualization and BI tools.

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Planview Daptiv Pricing

Planview Daptiv pricing is available upon direct request from the company. Interested parties can fill up a web form to request for information. They can also send an email or call the company, which has offices in the U.S., U.K. and Ireland, Sweden and Finland, Norway and Denmark, France, Italy, the rest of Europe, India, Israel, and Australia.

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Who Uses Planview Daptiv?

Planview Daptiv is applicable to all business sizes with a need for a configurable project portfolio management software. Most customers are PMOs in enterprise companies that are looking for solutions to accelerate how they deliver projects and programs while adapting to changing business priorities. Customers include Fluor Corporation, SD Worx, Priocept, Illuminating Concepts, and Honeywell.

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Planview Daptiv Supported Languages

Planview Daptiv supports English, French, German, and Spanish.

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Case Studies

Alejandro A. works at a large enterprise that works on multiple projects and with many resources simultaneously. But they need to see how each project in the portfolio is doing as well as the resources across the different locations. Their old PPM system does not provide the visibility the company requires.

Planview Daptiv solves the company’s issue with project visibility and resource allocation visibility. It provides a project overview with multiple detailed views that Alejandro and team can filter and customize its different project data. They can also easily allocate resources at the project level, allocate resources while creating the schedule, or automatically import resources for allocation.

Ronda L. works at a small design company catering to a multitude of simple and complex projects and programs. Planview Daptiv gives her excellent visibility to every project, program, and portfolio status. It allows her to manage all of the company’s initiatives using a single interface where she can track, analyze, forecast, and plan without complications.

She finds Daptiv’s ability to customize and configure data output very useful. She can use custom fields and views as well as dynamic apps and reporting to get a holistic view of the business. Ronda and her team can view crucial performance data that ranges from a simple snapshot to a detailed executive dashboard report.

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Why Choose Planview Daptiv?

Planview Daptiv enables PMOs to efficiently manage a portfolio of projects and programs with visual tools, dynamic apps, and real-time reports to monitor work, align strategy to execution, and drive better outcomes. Its combination of configurable tools and comprehensive capabilities allow users to manage all aspects of the portfolio lifecycle, such as idea intake, project prioritization, resource management, progress tracking, portfolio analysis, and stakeholder collaboration.

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Company Info

Daptiv Solutions started as eProject Inc. in 1997. It was a Seattle company founded by Shane Jones that offered project portfolio management software and expert professional services. It changed its name in 2007 to Daptiv. In August 2014, Toronto-based PSA company Changepoint acquired Daptiv. In January 2021, enterprise software company Planview acquired Changepoint to combine solutions and enable their customers to accelerate their Agile and PPM transformations.

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