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CMW Tracker (Comindware) Review 2023


CMW Tracker, formerly Comindware Tracker, is low-code workflow tracking and automation software that allows business professionals and non-technical users to design, run, and modify business processes using intuitive graphical tools. Teams and organizations can unify, standardize, and optimize processes, data, and documents using a single platform with little to no previous coding experience.

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CMW Tracker Features and Strengths

Graphical Workflow Builder and Workflow Engine

CMW Tracker is a visual workflow builder that allows users to create and manage business processes along with the forms and data connections required to drive those processes. Users drag and drop process steps in the workflow creator to intuitively connect data, forms, and workflow logic.. Tracker includes flexible business rules and custom emails for notification.

Its built-in workflow engine helps orchestrate tasks and control workflow execution. It can enable mandatory information capture and handle exceptions to set business rules. Other features include task routing and workflow filters such as by time, by trigger, and other conditions.

Process Automation, Web Forms, and Task Management

CMW Tracker’s process automation tool lets users create and automate as many processes as needed, and then set up automated workflows quickly. It is applicable to a range of use cases, from simple approvals to complex scenarios. Tracker’s unified system includes process design, automation, and execution. It also has transition and validation rules, notifications based on time, conditions, and rules, and form fields that automatically update.

Users can design and configure web forms with a graphical UI that can add specific tabs and data fields. Customized layouts are created with Tracker’s intuitive drag-and-drop UI. Tracker supports both process and task management, so processes can have additional data such as task duration and expenses. It helps manage tasks and track workflows. The software unified management provides the capability of receiving, tracking, and handling team tasks across the organization.

Team Collaboration, Tracking, Reporting, and More

CMW Tracker provides a single digital environment that connects employees, processes, and knowledge. It includes searchable group discussions, document sharing, intelligent task routing, and notifications.

Users can manage projects better with full visibility and real-time control of work progress. Its tracking and reporting tools include business analytics, custom dashboards, dynamic notifications and reporting, and support for mobile platforms. It also has MS Outlook integration to allow users to manage both email and workflow from their inbox. The software also integrates with ERP solutions, CRM, and document management apps.

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CMW Tracker Pricing

CMW Tracker pricing is available by directly requesting a quote from the CMW Lab team. It offers a range of user license options. A fully functional and guided trial and demo of the cloud software is available upon request.

  • A Named License is for a user with their own login and password. Users can access the software from any device. A Named License allows a user to log in, submit requests, complete tasks, and run reports.
  • A Requestor License allows one person, with a login and password, to submit requests and request status checks.

Software licenses are assigned to an individual user, but users can share licenses. However, the number of total concurrent users should not exceed at any time the total number of licenses available.

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Who Uses CMW Tracker?

CMW Tracker is a flexible workflow management solution for businesses of all sizes and across departments within the organization. Many users belong to the digital banking, logistics, transportation, online education and e-learning, IT service management, software, and product development industries. It is applicable in managing processes in HR, IT Help Desk, and sales. Customers include Aetna, CVS Pharmacy, Quicken Loans, Associated British Ports, ExxonMobil Aviation, Sheetz, Anthem, Hertz Car Rental, and 16kHz.

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CMW Tracker Supported Languages

CMW Tracker supports English, German, and Russian languages.

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Case Studies

The Hertz Corporation is a large American car rental company that provides high-quality service to customer segments all over the world. To better manage new construction and maintenance of rental car locations worldwide, they needed to improve key processes, including capital expenditure approvals for new location construction and ongoing maintenance projects. However, documents, requests, statuses, and other related information are inside Excel files and email chains scattered across the organization.

With the help of CMW Tracker, the company developed a workflow that streamlines CapEx approval processes across multiple company divisions. The single workflow also simplifies internal collaboration among employees. The application sends CapEx requests and ensures proper routing according to budget and volume. Hertz’s CMW Tracker also connects users to enterprise data and workflows, and also supports social collaboration. Within the first two months, the company saw tangible gains and increased transparency of workflows.

Mark Calabro is the owner of a vinyl record pressing company in San Francisco that assists artists, labels, and businesses in releasing vinyl, CD, and DVD. The company strives to offer the best quality of products and services, but managing production has become a challenge. Mark needed a solution that can assign workflows to individuals based on the company’s product life cycle.

The company now uses CMW Tracker for both its simple daily operations as well as handling complex vendor management and product development life cycles. CMW Tracker’s workflow engine automatically generates a sequence of tasks to execute the needed processes. It assigns tasks to the right person after another person completes a previous workflow step. Now, Mark can visually design, manage, and modify complex processes on the fly. He also has real-time visibility or progress and workloads, automated process execution, and insights from real-time dashboards and lists.

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Why Choose CMW Tracker?

CMW Tracker provides a centralized and intelligent platform that helps streamline a wide range of business processes. Its built-in graphical tools, task automation, smart routing, web forms, document sharing, and real-time tracking and reporting promote consistency, accuracy, and efficiency. By minimizing unneeded human intervention, CMW Tracker helps reduce errors and duplicate processes, while freeing up team members to spend more time in higher-value work..

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Company Info

CMW Tracker is a product of CMW Lab, a privately held software company based in Foxboro, Massachusetts. CMW Lab, formerly Comindware, was founded in 2010 by Max Tsypliaev and Peter Volynsky. The company aims to enable business people to build process-driven applications on their own using technology and with minimum dependency on IT. Over the years, the company has continually invented patented technologies and offered essential services. In 2022, Comindware rebranded to CMW Lab, short for Co-Minded Work Laboratory, to focus on the application of low-code and BPM technologies.

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