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Overview Presentation

Comindware Tracker is a modern state-of-the-art Cloud-based business process management solution. Comindware Tracker is a highly dynamic SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) program that helps you streamline your business processes such as project management, workflow automation, human resources management, office management, issue tracking, resource collaboration and advanced communication management. Comindware Tracker simplifies your office tasks and makes your core business functionality a lively and enjoyable experience.

Features, Benefits and Strengths

Highly customizable functionalities: All of Comindware Tracker functionalities are easily customizable to suit you unique business needs.

Workflow Process Automation and Management: Comindware Tracker has a Graphical Workflow Builder that helps you design and re-design workflows instantaneously using its advanced view-drag-and-drop functionality. Furthermore, there are plenty of workflow templates to choose from and customize to your preferred taste and needs.

Issue tracking: Issue tracking is an important consideration for any real-time business process. Comindware Tracker has an advanced issue tracking feature that enables you to follow up on issues raised by key stakeholders such as vendors, customers and consultants at every stage of its handling until fully realized.

Human Resources Management (HRM): Comindware Tracker provides a highly sophisticated yet easy-to-use solution to the challenges of managing diversified and distributed human resources. Its HRM interface ensures that no matter where your human resources are located, they are centrally handled in a fast, efficient and effective manner. Using the HRM interface, you can easily schedule hiring of new staff, staff vacations and staff transfers. You can also handle disciplinary issues such as warnings, reprimand and termination.

Project Management: Comindware Tracker allows scalable project management structure. This enables breakdown of projects into unlimited hierarchy of tasks and subtasks. It also allows grouping of similar tasks together irrespective of the projects. Furthermore, it provides online, real-time reports about various projects status in terms of tasks allocated. Such reports include items such as upcoming tasks, current tasks, completed tasks, overdue tasks, etc.

Office Management: Comindware Tracker has a sophisticated yet simple to use office document management system that ensures easy document creation, document editing, sharing of files and storage of documents and files in a safe, secure and easily accessible manner. Furthermore, the document management functionality enables attachment of files to particular tasks, archiving and accessing older files through integrated file versioning mechanism and instant e-mail notifications about changes in tasks and files.

Highly Integrated Business and Team Collaboration Management: With an advanced and yet user-friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface), task management, issue tracking, workflow process automation, document management, email integration, workspace customization and sophisticated reporting capabilities ensures that all your core business functionalities are seamlessly integrated. The team collaboration is made not only possible but also lively and entertaining. You can easily assign tasks to various teams, re-allocate according to urgency and performance needs, restructure team membership to achieve the highest degree of synergy and even re-allocate resources to ensure full optimization.

Software Development support: Software Development is one of the most sophisticated project management operations when it comes to collaboration. There are various methodologies that have come up to handle this sophisticated need for software development collaboration. Such methodologies include Agile, Rud, Scrum, Waterfall and others which are geared towards making this process simple, fast and efficient. Comindware Tracker offers full support to these methodologies and techniques and goes a step further to encompass bug tracking, test management, deployment and reporting.

Advanced Communication Management: Comindware Tracker provides a centralized Dashboard that helps you to easily navigate to the essential communication facilities such as message boards, forum boards, emails and contact points. Advanced and customizable reporting features makes it easy for each and every task and process to be communicated to relevant interest groups on a real-time basis thus greatly reducing the turn-around reporting time. Comindware Tracker easily integrates with Microsoft Outlook Mail Server thus making it easy for you to take full advantage of the benefits of such an advanced Mail Server without getting out of the system.

Plenty of Support Tools: Comindware Tracker is about satisfied user experience. Consequently, it provides plenty of support tools both internal and third party. Such tools include ConnectStep, ElasticData and Microsoft Outlook Mail Server.

Hassle-free Maintenance: Like all other Cloud-based SaaS, software and hardware maintenance, upgrades and security checks for Comindware Tracker are done by the host giving you a hassle-free environment to concentrate on your core business without undue disruption and inconvenience.

Safety and security management: Safety of data, system and resources is of utmost importance when it comes to Cloud-based systems. Comindware Tracker has provided an easy to use security interface that allows you to assign custom security features for each user, functionality and resource. Comindware Tracker uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Protocol and Microsoft Active Directory Authentication to ensure that unauthorized access, hacking and phishing are kept at bay. Persistent and continuous back-up ensures that risk of data loss is minimized and data recovery becomes easy.

Live Online Support: Understanding why you would need to have a Cloud-based system, Comindware Tracker provides a 24/7 online live chart support and online phone calls which ensures that your needs are addressed as instant as possible on a real-time basis.


Comindware Tracker is priced at a rate of $3750. There are specialized discount rates offered by Sales Department as per specific needs and circumstances.

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Target Market

Comindware Tracker is intended for Small and Medium sized companies whose interest is to streamline their operations to achieve an effortless and seamless online office that is capable of rendering maximum support to their core business operations in an efficient, effective, economical and highly rewarding manner.

Supported Languages

Comindware Tracker currently supports two international languages – English and Deutsch.

Some of their Clients

Details about their clients are not within public domain.


Customer testimonials have not yet been published for consideration.

Why Comindware Tracker?

Comindware Tracker provides an all-in-one online office interface that helps you perform all tasks expected of any ordinary offline office. It goes further by planting your enterprise right at the core of ecommerce enabling you to take full advantage of the huge online customer base and the abundance of expert skills available throughout the globe all within the convenience of your web office.

Company Info

Comindware Tracker is developed and provided by Comindware, a company based in California U.S.A. Comindware is an innovative company whose core philosophy is about helping people work together more efficiently.

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