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coggle logoOverview Presentation

Coggle is an online software for sharing thoughts, exploring ideas, making plans, whether with complete or incomplete information, and doing it with others collaboratively. It can be classified as a mind-mapping tool, and can be effectively used as one, but its creators describe it as about something else. It is an alternative way of documenting that finds application in different groups, such as in educational institutions, business organizations or project teams, among others. It can store information that contain multiple points of view, editable by more than one person at the same time, and still be simple to use and flexible enough to be worked on in no specific way.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Collaborative and InteractiveCoggle online service is built for collaboration, enabling teams to participate, interact, share ideas and aid in decision making. It accepts all types of information, such as multi-line text, image that is resizable, link to files in Google Drive, or math formula. Users can chat about their notes. It uses drag-and-drop technology and supports all major browsers. Multiple users can add or edit branches on the same diagram at the same time. It keeps a history of changes and see which user changed what detail when. As an online application, geographically distributed teams can access it and collaborate in real-time. Inviting others to participate is done by just entering their email address. The diagrams can be exported as a PNG image or vector PDF. Users can also import FreeMind files into the software.
  • Streamlined and Easy to Use – This productivity tool has a clean design that presents a clutter-free workspace especially for creating notes and diagrams. Users sign on with their Google account. The context menu puts every option available in one click. Users can choose colors through a color wheel to improve the visuals and layout of the diagram. It allows text resizing and use of bold and italics. They can add multi-line texts and drag it to the right position. The Help Sidebar and other options are hidden to minimize distraction but is available in one click. Keyboard shortcuts are also available.
  • Mobile-ready and Free – Coggle, using HTML5 technology, is designed to work with smartphones and tablets. It has an API for custom integration with other apps. Best of all, Coggle is free for all to create unlimited diagrams. There are options for greater privacy and large organizations.

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Coggle online service offers a free plan that includes for unlimited diagrams, unlimited image uploads, Google Drive integration, change history and other features. This Open free plan is indexable by search engines and visible to others. The Awesome plan at $5 per month also includes a distraction-free full screen presentation mode, high resolution images and unlimited private diagrams. The Organization plan at $8 per month includes all Awesome plan features with additional tools such as bulk data backup, centralized billing, user management interface, and branded exports.

coggle pricing

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Target Market

Coggle productivity tool is for individuals, teams, schools and large organizations in any type of sector or industry that has a need for collaborative brainstorming, presentation and documentation application.

Supported Language

User interface is in English but the workspace/canvas accepts unicode for the Latin, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean characters.

Some of their Clients

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Cassandra Johnson described Coggle as easy to use, but other great features are on a paid plan.

Erez Zukerman described the lack of visible UI too minimalistic, but once figured out, it lets him create mind maps quickly.

Why Coggle

Coggle is a great free service that offers a modern, unlimited way for documenting in a collaborative way. The minimalistic UI works for many but may require familiarization. Project managers can also use this for defining goals, objectives, and assignments during the planning stages. Read how to use this kind of application as a PM tool here.

Company Info

Coggleit Limited is a privately held software computer and service company based in Cambridge, UK. It was incorporated in May 2014, founded by its current directors Andrew John Pritchard, James Crosby, and Steven James Ogborne. The three University of Cambridge graduates started building autonomous underwater vehicles and the software for it. In the process of documenting their ideas and research work, they got frustrated of the limitations and hierarchical structure of text documents. So they decided to build something that is simple, collaborative, unlimited and works the way people think. And that is how Coggle was born. They are dedicated to their mission of making information sharing easier, making people more productive, changing the way people work and collaborate, in a way that is beautiful and a pleasure to use.

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