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Coggle is online software for creating and sharing mind maps and flowcharts. Users can take notes, brainstorm, explore ideas, and create plans and documents using only a browser. Teams can easily collaborate on a shared diagram with real-time updates, making it easy to present complex ideas visually and share information easily.

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Coggle Review: Features and Strengths

Online Mind Maps and Flowcharts

Coggle enables users to map out processes and systems with intuitive controls. With its intuitive click-and-drag interface, users can quickly create elements on its canvas, click to select actions, position elements, and format using markdown for better readability and recall. It automatically creates and connects loops or joins branches to represent all kinds of process flows.

Coggle’s advanced features allow users to control connection paths and styles. Users can add multiple central items as starting points in the same diagram to map related topics in a single workspace. They can also upload unlimited images from other sources into the diagram.

Template Gallery

Aside from allowing users to quickly build mind maps from scratch, Coggle also provides access to pre-built, customizable templates. Some of the available templates in its gallery include pre-built maps for setting SMART targets, root cause analysis, meeting notes, story writing, business growth, Scrum fundamentals, Covid Tracing, and more.

Real-time Collaboration, Floating Text and Images, Change History, and More

Coggle includes collaboration tools so users and team members can communicate through its built-in chat tool. Teams can invite their colleagues through private links and adjust permissions as needed to co-create and co-edit the diagrams simultaneously in real time. Any number of collaborators can view and edit a diagram without having to log in.

The software automatically saves the diagram and keeps a history of changes that enables users to copy a version of the diagram at any point and revert it to its previous configuration. For presentation purposes, users can add floating text and images not part of the diagram. This can also serve as a way to annotate parts of the diagram.

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Coggle Pricing

Coggle pricing is available in several plans depending on the features needed by its intended users. All plans include unlimited public diagrams and unlimited image uploads.

  • The Free plan includes three private diagrams, access to more than 1000 icons, auto-arranging branches, change history, PDF and image download, and the ability to embed mind maps in other systems, and many other features.
  • The Awesome plan at $5 per month is for individual use. It includes all features in the Free plan in addition to unlimited private diagrams, access to more item shapes, control of line styles and line paths, text alignment, chat history, and collaboration by link.
  • The Organization plan at $8 per user per month is ideal for teams. It has all the features available in the Awesome plan plus SAML SSO, separate personal workspace, bulk export, user and data management, and branded diagrams.

A Coggle for Enterprise is also available for users who prefer an on-premise installation with more security and in-house authentication options.

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Who Uses Coggle?

Coggle is for individuals, teams, and small to midsize businesses in need of a collaborative mind mapping and flowcharting tool. Large enterprises can also install an on-premise version. Coggle is for users who prefer visual thinking, whether applying it in business, education, or personal life.

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Coggle Supported Language

English, but the workspace/canvas accepts unicode for the Latin, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Korean character sets.

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Case Studies

Hope A. teaches at a secondary education institution. She was looking for a free and easy-to-use tool that her students can use in planning projects and creating diagrams and mind maps. She asked her students to try Coggle.

The feedback from her students was encouraging. Coggle makes it easy for Hope’s students to create diagrams and mind maps. And the best part is that the students can share it with her. They can also share it with other students for collaboration. Another advantage that Hope finds is that she can sign in using her Google account.

Manasa S. works in marketing for a small business. The company was looking for a tool that can help explain ideas and share it easily. The tool should also be easy to use and provide a good user experience. They came across Coggle and tested it.

Coggle helped Manasa and her co-workers quickly understand ideas as well as share it with the rest of the team. Team members can easily modify the maps simultaneously and see the changes in real time. They decided to stay with Coggle for its ease of use and its features that allow them to visualize ideas.

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Why Choose Coggle?

Coggle is a free, scalable, and intuitive mind mapping and flowcharting software to visually create documents collaboratively. It is flexible, with high feature limits, and generous options for personal and professional use cases that individuals and teams can take advantage of. Mind mapping software can also be an important tool for project management, as seen here.

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Company Info

Coggleit Limited is a privately held software company based in Cambridge, UK. It was founded in 2013 by Andrew John Pritchard, James Crosby, and Steven James Ogborne. While building autonomous underwater vehicles and writing the vehicle’s software, the three University of Cambridge graduates became frustrated with the limitations and hierarchical structure of text documents. They decided to build a mind-mapping app that was simple, expandable, pleasant to use, and can track ideas in a similar way as the brain does. Today, Coggle continues to give people a visual way to work and collaborate, be more productive, and share information with others easily.

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Mind mapping can be a critical tool for visualizing a project in its early phases. When the time comes to put your ideas into action, your team will benefit from the order and transparency that a robust project management solution can offer. If you’re interested in learning more about top-rated project management software, the editors at actively recommend the following:

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