Celoxis Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview Presentation

Celoxis_logoCeloxis is an all-in-one online enterprise software for managing projects, project portfolios, finances, resources and other business processes. It is a comprehensive, integrated and collaborative platform with advanced features that enable its users to manage projects across organizations and functions. The recently released version 11.1 includes a reporting manager, multi-level timesheet approvals, and many other requested features. It has flexible deployment options that is helping over 2800 customers worldwide across industries get the most out of their project and portfolio management software investment.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Comprehensive Project ManagementCeloxis online project management software has features that enable users to manage all phases and stages of the project lifecycle, from planning to tracking and reporting. It has a fully interactive Gantt chart capable of managing multiple projects and linking inter-project dependencies. The latest release allows users to use color on the bar chart of the Gantt view to create more effective visuals. The Job Roles enhance the resource management function of the software so users can plan and manage resources more efficiently. An improved calendar interface allows them to keep track of their personal tasks as well as team deliverables and other events quickly. Other new features include enhanced data visualizations, card view, multiple dashboards, scheduled reports delivery, and more.
  • Advanced Financial, PPM, Reporting and Analysis – This comprehensive enterprise software covers most business processes including time and expense management that are also easy-to-use. Its financial management features provides many options that makes it flexible for different types of projects, costing, billing, and forecasting. Latest version 11.1 now has a new Reporting manager that enables users to access their direct report’s data for easier task assignment and work delegation. Also, it has multi-level timesheet approval workflows that are easy to set up. Users now can track their profitability better by checking on their monthly project cash flows, measuring their profit margins, and discovering other trends that impact business results.
  • Customizable Apps, Issue Tracking, 24×5 Support, Integrations, and more – Celoxis has an integrated and customizable bug and issue tracking system, with user-defined custom fields. It is collaboration-ready, works with other third-party applications, and has multi-level security settings. Users can create custom apps to track and manage a component of work. It integrates with email, MS Project, Excel, Salesforce.com, Quick Books Online, Google Drive, and more. It supports multiple languages, has 24×5 support, with available help guides such as online documentation, web-based training and other self-service guides. The latest version rolls up values in custom fields from sub tasks to task and project summaries.

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Celoxis project management software can be used either as a cloud application or in an on-premise installation. The SaaS solution costs $25 per month per user, while the on-premise deployment costs $450 per user in a one-time purchase. They offer volume discounts for both types, and a duration discount for SaaS users. For example, users who will subscribe six months in advance will get a 5 percent discount. They also offer a free 30-day trial period.

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Target Market

Celoxis project management software is for teams of all sizes, with projects of different complexities, and in companies across industries. It is valuable to team leads, project managers, business managers, senior executives, decision makers, owners and other stakeholders.

Supported Languages

It supports English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Russian.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Live Nation, Interim HealthCare, Axe Group, LRMG, Betfred.com, The Hive, Kesslers International, and Drive Service.

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Seth Bregman of Live Nation stated that Celoxis helps them stay on track and within budget. All employees are able to easily manage projects and costs, and file support tickets. Even unlicensed users are able to participate in projects through email for free.

Craig Hayne of Interim HealthCare described that they are able to work smarter, not harder, with Celoxis. The PM software allows their PMO to plan project execution effectively. Team members are able to manage tasks, share information efficiently, monitor project progress, and learn from past projects, all from one platform with a central repository.

Why Celoxis

Celoxis online project management software is a comprehensive and proven solution with a successful track record. It has a set of features that cover not only the different phases of projects, but also the different growth stages of a company. The customer’s project and portfolio management software investment stays with them, but also becomes an essential part in helping them become more productive and more profitable, because users can spend more time doing work that matters.

Company Info

Celoxis Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a privately held computer software company based in Pune, India. It was founded in 2001 by Nikhil Daddikar and Ravindra Wankar. For 16+ years, customers have relied on the software to manage all sorts, scopes and sizes of projects, from the small ones to large multi-million dollar Hollywood movie projects. It continues to be recognized as among the top enterprise PM software for providing a comprehensive business solution. The Company is committed to helping all teams, to listen keenly to customer experience in order to effectively identify and address the cause of issues, and not just the symptoms.

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Jose Maria Delos Santos

Jose Maria Delos Santos

Jose is a subject matter expert and member of the writing team for Project-Management.com and Bridge24. He has written hundreds of articles including project management software reviews, books reviews, training site reviews, and general articles related to the project management industry.

8 Responses

  1. Thank you for your review Megan. This is one of many positive reviews I read on Celoxis, and it is certainly helping me in my evaluations.

    Our company http://www.sweetrush.com is on the path of establishing and implementing the appropriate Project Management solution, and Celoxis certainly came across as one of the most viable candidates. Lots of useful functionality, ton of reporting capabilities.

    There are weaknesses too though, like confusing security rules and a less-then-straightforward time tracking, but the stronger sides of this application seem to make up for the weaker sides.

    In any case, I would certainly recommend for anyone looking for the cloud-based PM solution to take a close look at Celoxis. It impressed me on many levels, and I am not an easy person to impress :).

    Again, thank you for the review, it was very helpful.

  2. Avatar Katrin Kaufmaann says:

    Jose, Thanks for this detailed review. I’d like to add my experience of using Celoxis at Datacorp. What I like best about Celoxis is its flexibility in reporting. The reporting is so robust that it lets me create all sorts of complex portfolio and resource reports even on my business fields. Further it has a clean UI and is very simple to learn. It’s an excellent tool for time tracking, especially the weekly time sheets and the one-click approve feature.
    I do agree with Misha that setting up security can often be challenging, especially with multiple roles and workspaces. To ease that out, Celoxis does provide a complimentary 1 hour session on Administration and Security best practices to its new customers. I’d encourage everybody to sign up for this. It really smooths out your new software deployment process.
    Their support champions were helpful and very patient, especially with our initial queries about the system.

    My recommendation to those looking for a project management tool is that Celoxis is good. In fact it’s the best in my opinion. However definitely use the trial period that is offered to you and watch as many of their video tutorials to make sure it works for you and your business!

    • Two years after my original comment.

      We did implement Celoxis in our organization after all, and now are hopefully at the end of a very long integration process.

      Since 2013 Celoxis went through at least 2 new major versions, and drastically improved the performance, which was not bad in the first place. Their ability to handle large project plans is very impressive. I tried some alternative solutions which would choke on a 700-task project plan import.

      They also hiked up the prices, and that was a significant jump. I believe a single license went up 2-2.5 times. That still makes their pricing competitive, but not as attractive as before.

      If anyone has specific questions about Celoxis, I would be happy to answer and share my experience.

      • Avatar Ash says:

        Hi Misha

        We are in the process of identifying project management software and identified Celoxis as one of the prospects..we are engineering and manufacturing company and spread across the world..we would be using the software predominantly for product development (with many iterations) and process flow for product approval (change management) besides team collaboration.
        Software we are looking for must be very good with resource planning, visual representation (Gannt chart) scheduling/rescheduling, task management and reporting tool

        Can you comment about Celoxis based on the above..Would be much appreciated


    • Jose Maria Delos Santos Jose Maria Delos Santos says:

      Hi Katrin,

      I’m glad to hear that your team had a great experience with Celoxis. You shared good tips and recommendations. Good luck!


  3. Avatar Sheri Stamps says:

    We found Celoxis very intuitive and highly responsive to use. Celoxis’ ability to handle large, dynamic project plans is very impressive. We are a technology service provider with offshore development centers and need to work on larger, and often phased projects.
    Celoxis has helped us to create and manage our projects in a consistent and transparent manner. The email alerts keeps everybody notified of their up-coming and overdue tasks.

  4. Avatar Alok says:

    We’re in same boat and looking for PM tool. Tool looked good during the demo. However, being US based company, we’re concerned that they do not provide any on-site support even for on-boarding. Based on what I’ve read and been informed, they only provide virtual support.

    How is their virtual support? Any experience to share?

    • Avatar Evan Rhodes says:

      @Alok, we have been with Celoxis for little over 8 months now. I can vouch for their support team – they are super responsive and exceptionally good! Initially, we were also apprehensive about their 24×5 virtual support, but they have proved me all wrong. Whenever we have an issue, we just open a ticket with them and get a response within a matter of minutes! Their reps often go out of their way to help us building our custom business formulae we often struggle with.
      We had also purchased their onboarding program – the fast-track modules. They were also professionally delivered via an online platform by knowledgeable and patient people.
      The other thing I’d like to add is how the entire Celoxis team works with their users, constantly taking in their suggestions for product improvement. I requested an improvement in their task updates (% Complete) to mark the task up-to-date without having to manually select 25%, 50%, … options and they were quick to deliver it.

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