Caspio Bridge 8.6 Is Now Available

caspio logoCaspio Bridge online database software announced the release of its latest version 8.6 barely two months from releasing the previous version. The cloud platform that helps users create custom database applications has introduced several new features and a clean, flatter look. Bulk edit functionality saves users time while self-joins present more meaningful information. A new app parameter to help manage static files and the availability of cascading elements in various editing options equip users with more flexibility in creating their feature-rich database applications.

New Features – Bulk Edit

In the previous version, Caspio Bridge introduced Bulk Delete interactive editing. Version 8.6 now brings Bulk Edit to allow users the ability to update fields and apply the same changes to multiple records simultaneously. This feature is available in all report types whether tabular, list or gallery type options. A simple application of Bulk Edit, for instance, is assigning several issues to the same employee in an issue tracking system. This feature is enabled in a Caspio account by going to the DataPages Wizard screen and clicking the Next button until the Results Page Editing Option screen is reached. Simply check the box to enable Bulk edit and click Next to reach the new screen to configure fields for Bulk Edit. Here, the user can change the form elements for each of the fields from text to other types. Upon clicking the Finish button, users can now perform mass updates on reports.

caspio bridge bulk edit

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Cascading Elements

Continuing with more interactive editing features, Grid Edit, Bulk Edit and Inline Insert/Edit now support cascading elements. These elements help users fill out fields correctly by limiting the possible correct choices. For instance, when filling out a City field, only the valid options appear for the selected State. Therefore, it is important for users to check for the relationship of parent and child values. When users edit the values, dropdowns, radio buttons, auto-complete and other cascading elements are now available to fill out the input fields. Enabling this feature in the account is the same way for normally enabling other cascading elements.

caspio bridge cascading elements

Self-Joins in Views

Views are virtual tables and usually involve multiple tables. Self-join views result when a single table is joined to itself or when the same table is used repeatedly in a multi-table view. This kind of view becomes useful when displaying a subset of a data in an otherwise large table. For example, an Employees table contain many details about the individual employee including his or her manager. To create a simple view where the relationship of employees to their managers is shown, a self-join view that relates the employee ID field to the manager ID field can be created. When selecting the tables to create the view, an alias in Caspio Bridge can be used for the new occurrence of the same table that has already been included.

caspio bridge self join

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“File” App Parameter

Caspio Bridge 8.6 online database software continues with its principle of fast creation of applications without programming. The new “File” app parameter allows users to use static files as application parameters and use those files throughout DataPages within an application. By clicking New in the App Overview>App Parameters where the parameters are managed, users can create a parameter of type File and choose an existing or uploaded file to contain the value of this new parameter. For instance, the parameter “logo” which is an image file can be used to appear in the header or footer of any DataPage report. Editing or changing the image updates all occurrences of it in the DataPages.

caspio bridge file parameter

Redesigned Icons

Caspio Bridge introduced a modern look-and-feel enhancement of its icons. A cleaner and flatter look matches the latest trends and style available on the web today. The icons retain the same overall concept and color scheme but exhibits a modern flat design that automatically overwrites older versions without additional configuration required. For more of the latest news in Caspio, visit their LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page.

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