Caspio Bridge 8.5 Released

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caspio logoCaspio online database software announced on February 20, 2015 the release of version 8.5 of its Caspio Bridge platform. It is a web-based feature-rich database application where users can create forms and database, and launch their applications fast without having to write programming codes. The latest release includes interactive report editing features such as grid editing, bulk delete, enhanced inline insert/edit and other features that will surely help users build their databases and applications with less development time.

Grid Edit

Caspio Bridge 8.5 now features a Grid Edit function that when enabled will allow selection and updating of records similar to a spreadsheet. App users can also control the type of field they want to enable such as a text field, a dropdown, a check box and more. Exiting this mode is done simply by clicking a link at the top of the report. To enable this feature, the user must edit the report and click the Next button a few times until a new screen is displayed where they can configure grid edit and other interactive editing options.

caspio grid edit

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Bulk Delete

Another interactive editing feature is Bulk Delete. When this feature is also enabled, app users can delete multiple records on a results page by selecting a check box for each record they want to delete. When they click the Bulk Delete link at the top of the report, a confirmation will pop up before performing the multiple-record delete function.

caspio bulk delete

Enhanced Inline Insert and Edit

Caspio Bridge 8.5 also features enhanced Inline Insert and Inline Edit functions. Before this release, app user can only perform inline edits through text fields. Now, they can also use other form elements such as dropdowns, check boxes and others to add or edit records directly on the page.

caspio inline edit

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Account Subdomains

Caspio online database now provides an optional setting called Account Subdomain. It is the initial part of a bigger plan for its product roadmap. The Account Setting screen now provides the app user an option to deploy DataPages using assigned unique Caspio subdomains. This is to ensure that applications will be portable across the infrastructure. Users can easily migrate their applications to a different Caspio infrastructure without having to redeploy all their DataPages. However, any existing DataPages should be redeployed using the new subdomain to avoid issues such as cross-app login.

caspio account subdomain

Improved File and Image Management with FileStor CDN

The FileStor service is now available inside Caspio Bridge 8.5 with just one click. Using AWS’s Content Delivery Network, files are now hosted on servers around the world resulting in improved application performance and un-metered data transfer. When enabled, Caspio puts a copy of files on the CDN. FileStor’s usage is not counted to a user account’s monthly data transfer. However, as files are copied to servers around the world, this feature is only advisable for files with non-sensitive content. Users can disable FileStor just as easily.

caspio filestor cdn

Improved Performance with AJAX and other enhancements

Before, when users sort a report, go to the next page, edit or delete a record, the entire page reloads to show the update. Now, when they enable AJAX technology, functions such as sorting, paging and others are performed dynamically showing instant results without page reloading. Thus, performance is improved in all reports. Other enhancements included in this release are enhanced file options and image options in auto emails, a new ‘long text’ app parameter, and several bug fixes. To know more about the latest with Caspio, visit their social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

caspio ajax

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