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Overview Presentation

CA Agile Central is a product of CA Technologies, which acquired Rally Software in 2015. Formerly known as Rally Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), it is an agile platform that helps organizations align strategy, track project, and manage delivery. It helps teams in all phases of the work, from capacity planning to release tracking, so that organizations are able to match customer expectations while empowering the teams to succeed and realize continuous improvement.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Comprehensive Agile PlatformCA Agile Central is an online software delivery engine that enables businesses to deliver their products with value faster. It has data-driven planning tools that includes real-time visibility to easily see progress, and help eliminate bottlenecks. The Big Room Planning feature allows teams to identify the work to be done as well as dependencies and challenges. Thus, teams commit to doing the work, but also make sure that it is aligned with the company’s goals and the customers’ needs. It has Project and Portfolio Hierarchy view that shows the list of work, user stories, features, initiatives, completed work, real-time progress, and more. Another view is the Capacity Planning view, where users can see how priorities stack up against the capacity of teams.
  • Team Management and Support – The agile platform supports teams regardless of their agile methodology or framework used. With Team Planning view, users can break down features into stories and plan their sprints/iterations. From this view, they can identify dependencies and risks, and produce a release plan with realistic timeframe and scope. The Release Tracking view allows them to see progress at a glance, identify problem areas, and make adjustments to ensure delivery. Other features include Work Views for managing the work of multiple teams. Another is the Team Board, which works well with Scrum and Kanban teams.
  • Dashboards, Metrics, Collaboration, Agility Services, and more – CA Agile Central has customizable dashboards to view information in Scrum, Kanban or custom views. It has several reporting and metrics such as team burndown and velocity charts to measure productivity, responsiveness, and quality. The platform scales and integrates with other popular tools and apps. For example, CA Flowdock is a threaded chat and inbox tool that organizes and aggregates email, feeds, and notifications in one central place. It also integrates with JIRA, Excel, GitHub, Jenkins, and others. It offers consultation and coaching services that will enable the organization to better align project goals to valuable outcomes.


CA Agile Central offers several premium plans that fit various organizations and for different purposes. For example, it has a plan that starts at $245 per month best for a company of 10 users who are starting with agile and other iterative methodologies. Another plan starts at $1500 per month for a company of up to 50 users divided in several teams. They also offer a trial plan free for 15 days.

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Target Market

CA Agile Central is ideal for teams and organizations of all sizes who need an agile delivery platform for software and other product development.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Swisscom, Elekta, Cisco, TeamQuest, Digital Globe, and Vantiv.


Simon Berg stated that by choosing CA Agile Central, they were able to link strategy to execution across 12 teams, with rolled-up visibility of multiple programs. As a result, delivery time was reduced by one year, with improved software quality, and minimized rework.

Micah Schwanitz stated that the agile platform helped him explain to decision makers how much work his team can deliver. It also resulted in software with enhanced quality and increased delivery predictability.

Why CA Agile Central

CA Agile Central is an enterprise-class software that can help businesses experiencing modern-day challenges such as strategy-work misalignment, missing deadlines, and overloaded teams. The system first of all empowers teams so they can initiate, manage, and share their work easily. Also, by showing what to prioritize, teams can focus on features that provide the most value to customers, without also getting overworked.

Company Info

Rally Software Development Corp was a public company based in Boulder, CO, USA. It was founded in 2001 by Ryan Martens, who served as its CTO. The company went public in 2013, and raised $84M in initial public offering. In July 2015, CA Technologies announced the acquisition of Rally Software. CA Technologies is a public company based in New York, NY, USA. It was founded in 1976 by Russ Artzt. CA CEO Mike Gregoire stated that the acquisition of Rally as a provider of agile software and services would complement CA Technologies’ strengths, and broaden its solutions and capabilities to better serve customers.

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