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Construction companies are facing two major problems that can severely impact the industry if not addressed both immediately for the long term: supply disruption caused by the pandemic and the workforce shortage in the construction industry. In both situation, companies need efficient tools to create plans and schedules, track supplies and work status, and communicate with all parties involved. Technology offers a modern solution through construction project management software like Buildertrend and PlanGrid.

Benefits of construction project management software

Back to top Construction project management software enables easy communication and collaboration. It is a tool that not only reduces costly communication errors, but also ensures customer satisfaction. They are simple to use and works across devices, so business owners, architects, engineers, skilled workers, accountants, and clients can readily use it without formal training, in the office, or on the jobsite. This Buildertrend vs. PlanGrid article explores unique approaches and features of two popular construction project management software used by companies worldwide.

Advantages of using construction project management software

Back to top Construction project management software is a digital platform that is highly accessible but secure. Project teams, subcontractors, and clients can easily work on plans, budgets, schedules, contracts, and other documents without the worries associated when working on printed paper material. The major advantages provided by construction project management software are:
  • Effective communication – Project team members can communicate quickly within the work context and clear out any questions, issues, or discrepancies. They can communicate with their partners, subcontractors, and clients and document every important discussion or change.
  • Clear responsibilities – Construction project management software makes visible both the tasks and person responsible. Team members with concerns know exactly who the right person to contact in case they need plans, project updates, or approvals.
  • Increased visibility – The software allows for status updates in realtime so all stakeholders involved can see how the project is progressing. They can also quickly spot any potential disruption or work bottleneck caused by a delay in materials delivery, absence of personnel, unplanned event, or natural disturbance.
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The Buildertrend approach

Back to top Buildertrend is a construction project management software that enables teams to easily connect with all project stakeholders. Among its users are homebuilders, specialty contractors, home remodelers, and commercial contractors. The software is a complete construction business solution with features that go beyond jobsite management. You can manage your projects efficiently, win more contracts, track your budgets and costs accurately, and connect with your customers better. The software can also integrate with many apps and services for a more comprehensive business workflow. Buildertrend screenshot

Presales and CRM

Buildertrend helps streamlines the sales process with its built-in tools. A CRM feature lets you capture contact information from web pages, add leads, and connect with more prospects. Bid management tools enable you to work easily with trade partners to request, compare, store, and send bids from one application. Other included tools are for creating estimates and proposals, launching email marketing campaigns, and white label customization.

Project management

Buildertrend lets you save time and money with its construction project management software. Create tasks from any device, assign them to team members who will be notified of their assignments, and track progress. Attach photos and annotation using voice-to-text dictation. Document the progress of the project with electronic daily logs that you can easily share with all stakeholders. The software includes scheduling tools with multiple views including a Gantt chart view. Annotate plans and blue prints using touch control with its markup tools. Other features include online document and photo storage, email integration, and warranty tracking.

Financial management

Manage your projects from start to end profitably with one application. Buildertrend lets you create your project budget that you can track automatically. From the same tool, manage your purchase orders, track approvals, and oversee invoices. A built-in time clock built lets your team clock in and out easily from the site with automatic data entry for your payroll. Send invoice to clients and receive online signatures and payments. Other features include lien waver and change order management. Read also: Buildertrend Full

The PlanGrid approach

Back to top PlanGrid is a construction productivity software that allows general contractors, subcontractors, business owners, and architects access to real-time information. It supports collaboration between the office and field with its powerful document storage and management with mobile-first technology. Project teams and stakeholders have easy access to project plans, punch lists, daily reports, and submittals for effective collaboration. It is easy to use and optimized for the site. The company’s acquisition by Autodesk makes it part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud solution. PlanGrid screenshot

Document management

PlanGrid lets you find drawing sheets quickly so you can collaborate with your team on the most up-to-date design files. It works online and offline. You can also search texts in the sheets, mark favorites, create tags, filter, and sort. Create and share markups, add text or shapes, hyperlink to documents, pin issues, and add photos. Other features include customizable sharing and permission tools, version control, and approvals workflow.

Project management

PlanGrid provides configurable tools for managing project management workflows. Manage requests for information (RFI) documents to improve communication and create accountability for better issue resolution. It has an automated submittal log to coordinate and manage all submittals during your review and approval process, all from your mobile device. The software also allows you to centralize meetings with documented minutes with links to reference documents and historical meeting records.

Quality management

Identify issues quickly and on-site to reduce rework. PlanGrid has automated clash detection so all team members can check their work. It includes digital quality checklists to ensure conformity to standards. During inspection, you can add notes, signatures, and photos to generate issues of non-conforming items. It also has asset management for tracking asset milestones with custom statuses and attributes. This allows for simplified handover and commissioning process. Read also: PlanGrid Build Full

Ready to decide?

Back to top Buildertrend and PlanGrid both have native mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms for on-site construction project management. Buildertrend is ideal for businesses of all sizes that requires an end-to-end construction management solution. In addition to managing projects and teams, you can also manage your leads, finances, and customers. PlanGrid is a construction document management app that is best for small to growing businesses. It has powerful drawing viewers that include construction workflow and quality tracking features.

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