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teamTeam building is a kind of art. Good and effective team building is an ability to turn the group of individuals into the strong and organized system walking towards the common goal. The importance of team building is difficult to overestimate, the human factor is still the king and no matter what sphere we are talking about. An ability to form an effective team is probably one of the most important key competences of a successful project manager.

You’ll never accomplish the great goals by your own, that’s why building a team is something you’ll have to do quite often as a project manager. There are lots of strategies and general advice on how to make your team effective, where to find the right people, what leadership style to pick etc. I’d like to share with you some team building must-have’s – something that the strong team cannot be built without.

1. A clear goal.

This is the first and the main thing that keeps the team working together productively. Motivation is not all about the money. People should know what they work for, they should understand the value that the project will bring and see what is their own contribution to the final result. That’s why, if the goal is clarified for each member, the chances to achieve it significantly rise.

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2. Getting the right people to do their job.

This looks pretty much obvious, but sometimes is really difficult. Finding the right people means evaluating not their professional performance but the human qualities, too. The project manager should pay attention to how well this person works as a part of the team, is he communicative and open to critisizm and suggestions.

3. Distributing the roles and responsibilities.

As soon as the team is formed, make sure that you clarified the tasks of each member to assure that everyone knows his zone of responsibility. Turining the performance of individuals into the common performance that ensures the goal achievement is like collecting the puzzle – you need to get the right pieces on the right places in order to see the complete picture.

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4. Communication is the key.

In order to get the job done the best way possible, you should hold the meetings and discuss if everything goes the right way. The team should be interconnected and aware of any changes in terms, project documentation and means of the goal achievement and responce to these changes accordingly.

5. You should be the team not only in the workplace.

In order to bring more value, you should interact with each other out of the office. There are lots of team-building events which can be held to make the relationships stronger. Thus, the whole team learns to understand each other and as a result, work in a more productive way.

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