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BugHerdBugHerd is a bug tracking and visual feedback platform that helps designers, developers, testers, and clients collaborate on website feedback. It provides an easy-to-use tool for collecting, organizing, and acting on feedback information to help resolve issues, manage tasks, and streamline communication during and after website development. Agencies, development teams, and all stakeholders are able to reduce the time completing website projects using a single platform.

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BugHerd : Features and Strengths

Ease of Use

BugHerd provides an intuitive point-and-click interface for easy website feedback. Users can pin feedback directly to page elements of the web page. They can install the software with either a Java snippet or through a browser extension. Clients can quickly provide feedback to their website without having to learn coding or any technical knowledge. Currently, in beta, guests can also give feedback by recording a video of the screen. Video feedback is useful for showing multi-step interactions and other complex actions or situations. BugHerd

Comprehensive Feedback

BugHerd collects comprehensive technical information so users can send issues and errors with the right context and allow designers and developers to resolve them with precision. Users can capture a screen recording or screenshot and annotate it. The software automatically includes technical information such as browser name and operating system. Testers, reviewers, or clients can pin their feedback to the specific website element, not just in a screen location. The software also supports real-time commenting for seamless collaboration.

Task Management, Version Control, Personalized Dashboard, and More

BugHerd simplifies bug tracking and issue resolution with a Kanban-like Task Board for effective management and completion of tasks. It is a robust tool that allows users to create as many projects as needed and invite unlimited guests for comprehensive feedback. A personalized Dashboard gives individual team members a quick way to see their tasks and related comments. The visual feedback software has a built-in version control feature that lets developers update bug information from commit log messages. Its version control syncs with GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket. It also integrates with Slack, Zapier, Integromat, and WordPress. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

BugHerd Pricing

BugHerd pricing is available in different plans. Customers can opt to pay monthly or pay annually and get 2 months for free. All plans include unlimited projects, unlimited guests, customer support, and secure payment options. Interested users can try any of the plans for free for 14 days. Customers can add users at any plan for $6.60 /user/month paid yearly. The Standard plan at $390 /year includes up to 5 members, tools for screenshots, annotating screenshots, public feedback widget, integrations, and 10GB storage. The Premium plan at $1290 /year includes up to 25 members, all features in the Standard plan with the addition of video feedback, custom branding, member-only commenting, visible guest feedback to other guests, and 50GB storage. The Deluxe plan at $2290 /year includes up to 50 members and 150GB storage, while a custom plan includes a dedicated success manager, onboarding and training support, and other advanced features. BugHerd Back to top

Who Uses BugHerd?

BugHerd is ideal for small and midsize businesses in need of a bug tracking and visual feedback solution. Many marketing agencies, web development agencies, and in-house teams use the software for QA and UAT testing, eCommerce, eLearning, and new website building. Customers include Charle, Juno, Manifest, eCornell University, Precisioneffect, Lightspeed Development, Fat Media, Nissan Australia, and KOTA Creative Digital Agency. Back to top

BugHerd Supported Languages

BugHerd currently supports English, German, and French translations. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

Case Studies

Ross Dougall was the National Manager of Customer Experience at the Australian office of a global car brand. At that time, the website requires regular and timely content, but the team was communicating with emails, Jira tickets, documents, MS Paint images, and phone calls, resulting in a slow, outdated, and cumbersome process. BugHerd, with its screenshot feature, became the main communication mode between Ross’s team and the authoring agency. Time taken to report and fix issues went down from days to minutes. Jonathan Bradford is the Managing Director of a web design agency with a head office in London. The innovative company has been using BugHerd to manage internal reviews for website projects. However, customer feedback and reviewing through back-and-forth emails have become challenging. By upgrading their BugHerd plan, Jonathan’s team was able to use screenshots, visual annotations, and mobile feedback with their clients. This saves communication time and removes the need for long email trails and frustrating document revisions. Back to top

Why Choose BugHerd?

BugHerd is an efficient tool that streamlines the website development process. All stakeholders, from designers and developers, to end-users and clients, are able to communicate clearly and collaborate easily with a highly visual and intuitive bug tracking and feedback software. It provides the features like screenshot annotation, technical information, and task management board that simplify issue resolution and project collaboration. Back to top

Company Info

BugHerd is a privately held software company with headquarters in Melbourne. It was founded in 2010 by Alan Downie and Matt Milosavljevic. After investments made for two other products became unsuccessful, the company downsized and was almost nearly sold. In 2018, Downie teamed up with Stephen Neville, who became CEO and led the company to continuing growth. BugHerd continues to grow and increase its customer base by providing a bug tracking tool that solves real-world problems.

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