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Brightpod is a web-based project management and time tracking software for digital marketing and creative teams. Built especially for marketing agencies, users can easily create and manage campaign projects called Pods. Today, many PM software are available but not all are ideal for design agencies or flexible enough to work well with their processes and workflows. Brightpod is a product and platform that is a very good fit not only for marketing campaign projects but also for managing content and collaboration.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project Tracking and Task ManagementBrightpod displays projects called Pods in a highly visual way with customizable colors and progress bars to notify of approaching deadlines or overdue dates. From a single view, users can see tasks, messages, files and hours for each project. They can also display task lists and tasks in Kanban boards that can be moved easily, delegate to team members, and automate actions using recurring tasks. Users can even track blog lists that are relevant to the campaign or industry.
  • Workflows, Priority Lists and Focus – This project management software for marketing teams allow users to create their own workflows or use existing campaign templates that help users plan and work faster. These workflows can then be saved and be reused for similar campaigns. Users have their own Me Page where they can see their tasks and can prioritize them with simple drag-and-drop movement. There is also a Focus tab where users move a few but important and/or urgent tasks to effectively increase their productivity.
  • Editorial Calendar, Time Tracking, Email Integration and more – Brightpod has an Editorial Calendar where the team can collaboratively plan and schedule events. Each user can also plan his or her personal event on the same calendar. The software also has time tracking features to allow entry of project budgeted time, actual time spent, classify as billable or non-billable, track time of individual members and export data into a spreadsheet. Users can add tasks, messages and files to projects using email, and the system is accessible from mobile devices. It also has integration with Google Drive, Dropbox and Box for easy storage and transfer of online documents.

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Brightpod project management software for marketing teams offers three paid plans and a free plan. All paid plans include for unlimited users. The Agency plan allows for unlimited projects, 100 GB storage, and time tracking for $79 per month. The Studio plan includes for 45 projects, 20 GB storage, and time tracking for a monthly fee of $49. The Professional plan includes for 15 projects and 5 GB of storage space. The free plan comes with two projects, three users, and 100 MB space. They also offer a free 14-day trial period for the Agency plan.

Brightpod offers three paid plans and a free plan

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Target Market

Brightpod is ideal for digital marketing teams and design agencies. It is also suitable for other organizations across industries that need to replace outdated email and spreadsheet system with a better web-based project management, tracking and team collaboration solution.

Supported Languages

This project management software for marketing teams supports English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Hindi languages.

Some of their Clients

Clients include DK New Media, Munchery, Digital Impact Agency, Conductor, Boost Marketing, LOKE Digitial, Absolutely Dominate, and Red Fez Social Media Services.

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Jen Lisak of DK New Media stated that there was minimal learning curve in using the software. But without it, using email only for managing timelines would be ineffective and would make her life much harder.

Social Media Consultant Edna Campos’s favorite feature is the ability to reply to clients’ comments from her iPhone and having all the discussions stored in Brightpod.

Why Brightpod

For marketing teams and design agencies, Brightpod is able to provide project visibility at a glance through a simple and clean interface that requires minimal to no training time. Thus, people can focus on their tasks and get more work done with features that automate tasks and easily fit into their processes, not the other way around.

Company Info

Brightpod is a product of Synage Software Pvt. Ltd., a web technology company founded in 2005 by Sahil Parikh. It has its headquarters in Mumbai, India, which started as a design and development agency. After a year, it decided to stop all service projects and concentrated on building its own project management software DeskAway, a feature-rich PM software for large teams. In 2007, it launched the beta and also became a publicly traded pure-play company. Its design philosophy focuses on simplicity + power, ensuring that a beautiful and clean interface will provide its users the enough features to get things done.


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