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The only thing constant is change, so the saying goes. The project management profession is also undergoing constant change. For instance, the concept of triple constraint is no longer in the latest PMBOK. What is emphasized now is strategic competency, or the ability to tie project results to business goals. Also today, organizations are looking for project professionals not only with technical skills but also with business, strategic management and leadership skills. One way to keep current and learn about new tools and techniques is by studying for a PMP certification. Brain Sensei offers a unique and interesting way to learn and prepare for this: the fun way.

Introducing Brain Sensei PM Courses

Brain Sensei is a privately held e-Learning company with a focus on project management and PMP exam preparation. It is based in Toronto, Canada and was founded in 2013 by John Estrella, CMC, PMP, and Chris Stafford, MBA, PMP. When the founders were studying for the PMP certification, they noticed that most of the online certification courses and exam prep courses were on the dry side. They also thought that more could be done to make the learning more effective, so they created an online learning system that leverages stories to reinforce core concepts.  It works while making the learning interesting.

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Project Management Courses and Modules

Brain Sensei offers a Complete PMP Exam Prep Course and a Complete CAPM Exam Prep course.  These courses both include nine modules and four full practice exams, covering everything you need to pass the latest exams. Access is provided for 180 days and gives you the 35 education hours needed as a prerequisite to take the PMP exam or the 24 education hours needed for the CAPM exam. They include a money-back guarantee and a 100% pass guarantee, so there’s really no reason not to give them a try. They also offer a free trial of one module, so that you can make sure the course is a fit for your learning style. Complete courses include a summary of key knowledge points for each process group, multiple assessments in each of the modules, and a huge number of practice exam questions.


After studying and obtaining their PMP certification, many experienced project managers wished that they had learned about the tools and techniques sooner. The advantage of the online courses of Brain Sensei is that it not only includes a ton of material to prepare you for the exam, but adds a story approach to help you remember key concepts. Whether you’re starting their professional PM career or a seasoned project manager, you can review the modules as often as you need, at your own pace. Aspire for better opportunities, higher salary and career advancement available to certified PMPs with Brain Sensei. The courses are easy to navigate, have interactive content and downloadable templates. Every student will have his/her own personal sensei or instructor, and will have access to fun, animated videos.

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In their testimonials, Kim McLaughlin described the course as the coolest learning system, making it actually interesting to learn. For Jeff Adams, the course, together with the samurai story, is something to look forward to. Bill Smith also highlighted the samurai story, stated that it helped him understand the topic, but also made it more entertaining.

Helping People Achieve Their Learning Goals

Brain Sensei is so sure you’ll pass your PMP or CAPM exam that they provide a 100 percent exam pass guarantee To learn more about the latest in their course offerings, visit their website.

Jose Maria Delos Santos

Jose is a subject matter expert and member of the writing team for and Bridge24. He has written hundreds of articles including project management software reviews, books reviews, training site reviews, and general articles related to the project management industry.

3 Responses

  1. Andrea Halper says:

    I am taking the course now and have found a couple of bugs in the online course. One critical bug is that they have the wrong exam linked to closing project module. I have reported Tue, 16 Aug 2016 17:57:05 and it is now Thursday August 18 9:24 AM PST. I got a response that my ticket was received via email on 8/17 but I don’t have resolution to being able to take the appropriate exam. There is very little audio in the slide shows so you have to read most of the content. The quiz and exam questions are good and the story is helpful especially for beginners to learn the basic concepts in a scenario.

  2. Mike Haile says:

    I have also noted the same bugs and that there are some typos in the course. I also noted that some of the external links don’t work which is just sloppy. There are also a few areas where the course could be greatly improved. Firstly I noted that when dragging some of the items into the correct positions in the quizzes that you can only move them to the correct position. Secondly, if you get an answer wrong in the practice exam, you are unable to see your answer and the explanations are not very clear. Finally, when doing some of the challenges, its not possible to skip one if you don’t know the answer. You get no feedback other than the answer is incorrect so you are left frustrated trying to understand where you went wrong. Worst of all you can’t do the rest of the challenges!

  3. drs3la says:

    We addressed those old comments on the course updates that we released shortly thereafter. You’ll notice that Andrea even mentioned that we replied to her comments right away and that the story, which is very unique and only available in our course, was helpful.

    We provide some supplementary materials via external links. As you can imagine, because they point to third-party Websites, they can change anytime without notice. We fix them as soon as they are reported to us.

    The two comments that Mike provided are actually unique features, by design, of our course.

    First, we tell you that you got it wrong and we provide fundamental facts to support it. This feature forces our students to really know the materials instead of just guessing until they land on a correct answer. You can’t expect to pass the actual PMP exam by just guessing for the correct answers.

    Second, our “Samurai Challenges” serve as a secondary check to prevent or discourage you from taking the PMP exam until you are really ready. It is a distinctive gamification technique that you will not find elsewhere. Frustrating? Yes, if you are not confident about your readiness to write the PMP exam. It will force you to go back to review your weak knowledge areas until you can answer them confidently with your eyes closed. The PMP exam is a timed exam and we want to make sure that you finish it confidently without feeling rushed.

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