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Binfire is an online project management and collaboration software that aims to improve a team’s productivity wherever they may be. It provides effective collaboration which allows companies across industry sectors to bring amazing products to the market faster. Small and mid-sized businesses can now have a global workforce of distributed teams that enables these businesses to be more competitive. However, relying on simple tools such as email or to-do list software will not be enough. What they need is a real office in the cloud that provides complete project collaboration system with content and project management components, and that is what Binfire offers.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Essential Project CollaborationBinfire online and real-time collaboration features help bring about optimum communication, sharing and opportunities among team members, suppliers and customers. It has a unique interactive whiteboard which is great for brainstorming and presentation. It provides users with several methods of communication such as group chat, offline messaging, comments and message board. It also has a PDF markup tool for document collaboration. It provides instant notification as a result of a real-time event such as a file update. It has Google integration that allows users to sync important dates with Calendar, share Docs files or attach them from Drive, as well as from Dropbox.
  • Core Project Management – This online project management software provides all the needed tools to manage projects successfully. It has a dashboard to present the needed information for every project every day. It has a personal and project dashboard. The workspace is the container that holds and organizes all the projects and rules for each project. Tasks can be seen in list view or calendar view. It has task management features that support simple to-dos and complex WBS, waterfall, agile and Scrum methods. It has an interactive Gantt chart that can be modified within the chart itself. It has a resource loading page to manage allocation, and more.
  • Content Management and other Productivity Tools – Binfire efficiently organizes project documents with its secure content management features. It has a personal folder for each user. It also has a shared but secured project folder with version tracking and permission-based access. It has file locking and other file operation features that keep data intact and accurate. With social and Web 2.0 features, user experience is not neglected. It is capable to generate reports on the fly. Member types are defined and can be extended with new rules. Starring and tagging also adds more organizational control and better searches.

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Binfire online project management and collaboration software offers several plans. The Basic plan starts at $19 per month and includes for 10 projects, 6 members, 10 GB of storage, and a dedicated support by email. The Pro plan is priced at $49 monthly and allows for up to 30 projects, 12 members and 30 GB of storage. The Biz plan at $129 per month includes for 100 projects, 30 members, 100 GB of storage and live dedicated support. After this, they have the Corp plan at $390, the Enterprise plan at $690 and even a custom plan. A free trial that allows for 2 projects, 3 users and 2 GB of storage lasts for a month.

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Target Market

Binfire is for small to medium-sized enterprises with co-located or distributed teams. Project managers and team members across industries such as web design studios, engineering firms, digital agencies, financial firms, and educational institutions can benefit greatly from this online software.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Stanford University, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, Caterpillar, and Teva footwear.

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Amber Riviere of Gigaom stated that Binfire is able to offer an online collaboration solution that makes it easy for distributed teams to stay on track.

Julie Titterington of Projectpicks described it as a well-conceived, exciting and innovative product designed to address real problems in the modern workplace.

Why Binfire

Binfire online project management and collaboration software that helps both traditional and virtual teams achieve higher productivity by combining best PM practices with effective collaboration tools in one comprehensive application. As a result, people are able to work smarter together.

Company Info

Binfire Corporation is a privately held company with headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida and development offices in Israel and Romania. The company was founded in 2008 by David Robins, its CEO and angel investor Moshe Ariel. The software was initially developed as an online hosting service with collaboration features. By 2010, it has expanded into a complete project collaboration software with task and project management components. It steadily and continuously added and enhanced its features over the years, such as but not limited to adding task reordering and task moves in 2011, including a burndown chart in 2012, integration with Google Calendar in 2013, and most recently, a Resource Loading view. Over 15,200 projects have been started using the software and still counting.

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