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Overview Presentation

bambam-logoBamBam is an online project management tool that helps team members connect and share information about projects instantly. Users can message other team members, upload files to share, create invoices, and track time for projects. BamBam also has resources that users can check out to better enrich their experience with the website and gather information for projects.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Flexibility and Customization – BamBam lets users decide how their project appears to them. Users can organize their projects into different work styles and roles, and adjust these according to their needs and preferences. It also offers real-time messaging to ensure every member of the team is on the same page.
  • Tons of Tools and Features – From email notifications, custom permission sets, backlinks, smart updates, and apps, BamBam leaves nothing behind when it comes to project management. They even have an estimation app to determine average time and pay for Kanban or Scrum projects.
  • Integration for a Full Experience – Chime and Springloops are apps designed to work with BamBam software. Chime is a time tracking app for projects and Springloops is a deployment app. Both can be used in addition to BamBam so users won’t miss a thing when it comes to their projects.

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What makes BamBam different is it does not have a monthly subscription fee for members. It is free to sign-up and free to use. BamBam offers a 14 day trial with no limit of users on a project. After 14 days, the user will only be able to add 10 users free of charge. The only time BamBam will charge a user is if they want to add more than 10 members to a project. For bigger teams of over 10 members, BamBam charges $7 per user with no limit for storage or projects.


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Target Market

BamBam is targeted towards project management professionals, freelancers, business consultants or small development companies. Although it accommodates larger teams, it can be used with ease by small groups as well. It takes advantage of a sleek, modern interface to attract forward-moving companies and individuals who need a trustworthy collaboration tool to manage their projects and tasks.

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Supported Languages

So far, BamBam is only supported in English, but they have showed willingness to provide support for additional languages in the future to increase their customer base.

Some of their Clients

BamBam clients include Smithsonian American Art Museum, Ten Brand Innovation, Wunderman, CC (Cuban Council), Bluelounge, McMillan, Ogilvy, Electric Pulp, Modus Operations and Edelman.


George Arman, a software development manager, proclaims that BamBam provides all the functionality and ease you would ever need for a development project. With the way BamBam uses smart updates to connect team members and the customization of work styles, Arman says it was an easy choice to make when it came to choosing a new project management tool for his team. Another user Stacy G (Internet marketing consultant) says that what drew her to using BamBam was the fact that it was free for users, and because of that it was definitely more cost effective to her project to use BamBam rather than worrying about subscription rates or member fees of other tools.

Why BamBam

BamBam stands apart from the competition by offering a free project management platform available to anyone with a simplified but fully-functional interface. Users can connect, share and upload information instantly, and with added features like a time-tracking tool, any project can easily succeed using this platform. BamBam also provides users with a comfortable and easy-to-understand platform for all their managing needs. The design, functionality and customization of BamBam are what make it a step above the rest in the project management world.

Company Info

BamBam is owned and produced by 84kids, a computer software company. Their headquarters are located in Poland, Europe. The company was founded in 2006 with the release of their platform, Springloops, a version control deployment tool for web developers. It quickly evolved into a fully-functioning project management tool and since then, 84kids has taken Springloops and divided it into five different integrated products, BamBam (project management), Chime (time tracking), SLS, Anchor (a Wiki tool), and Turbine (notes and messages).

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