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Backlog is an intuitive project management software solution with built-in tools for centralized organization and team collaboration. Teams and collaborators can access and share a secured workspace where all project files, task details, issues, history, code repositories, wiki, and comments are in one place. Companies are able to streamline their project management processes so they can focus on creating products.

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Backlog Features and Strengths

Project Management

Backlog provides team, task, and project management features. Users can quickly create projects, break them down into smaller tasks, and assign tasks to individual team members. They can further divide tasks into subtasks and assign due dates.

It has a board view for visually managing tasks and workflows. The Gantt chart view quickly shows the project timeline and allows users to edit the chart directly for adjustments. Agile teams can use the automated burndown chart to see what work remains and how much time left they have.

Bug and Issue Tracking

Backlog has a built-in issue tracking and management capability with customizable workflows. Email integration allows users to automatically add issues using an email address. Teams can add custom fields and create custom statuses to match workflows. Templates enable teams to standardize issue creation.

The software includes a task hierarchy system for nesting child tasks under parent tasks. Notifications help keep all stakeholders automatically updated when changes occur. It also has tools for managing milestones and versions.

Code Management, Collaboration, Security, and More

As an ideal project management tool for developers, Backlog includes collaborative code management tools that support Git and Subversion version control systems. Users can manage codes with pulls, merges, and branches. It also has a Differences viewer to quickly verify changes to a code and leave inline comments to other team members.

It also includes a wiki to help teams create and share project knowledge that users can edit to correct and update. The file management tool centralizes project information with easy drag-and-drop file sharing. To keep the workspace secure, the software includes 2FA with the option of forced application, access control of IP addresses, and the option to host online or on-premesis. Native mobile apps for iOS and Android are also available. It also integrates with other Nulab products and third-party apps.

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Backlog Pricing

Backlog pricing is available in several online plans with different limits on the number of users and projects. Customers can choose to pay monthly or annually with a 2-month discount. All plans include access to email and live chat support, as well as free native mobile apps. A 30-day free trial is also offered.

  • The Free plan is limited to 1 project, up to 10 users, and 100MB storage. It includes team management, board view, issues tracking, code review, and wiki.
  • The Starter plan at $35 a month (or $350 a year) includes up to 5 projects, 30 users, and 1GB storage. It includes everything in the Free plan and also subtasking and custom status features for issue management.
  • The Standard plan at $100 a month includes up to 100 projects, unlimited users, and 30GB storage. It has all Starter plan features, plus Gantt chart, burndown chart, and issue tracking templates.
  • The Premium plan at $175 a month includes for unlimited projects and 100GB storage. It includes all features in the Standard plan with the addition of custom fields, forced 2FA, 1-to-1 online training session, and a dedicated customer success associate.
  • An self-hosted, custom Enterprise plan is also available for users who need full control of their data, users, and security settings.

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Who Uses Backlog?

Backlog is for businesses of all sizes in need of project management and team collaboration software. It is useful for a wide range of workflows such as agile project management, remote work management, issue and bug tracking, client management, and online collaboration, among others. Customers include OMRON, SoftBank Robotics, JPX, BuzzFeed,, Books Kinokuniya, Choice Business Connections, Droisys, and 3D Estate.

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Backlog Supported Languages

Backlog currently supports English and Japanese. In the past, it offers support for a total of 6 languages, but the company has decided to limit its language options to 2 only.

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Case Studies

Shashi Raina is the Director of PMO at an international IT service management company with clients in different countries and offices in the US and India. As the company grew, it became challenging for everyone to coordinate with different teams and customers spread across the globe. The company needed an easy-to-use platform to manage complex projects simultaneously. Also, Raina and other project managers wanted to minimize the volume of emails and spreadsheets used.

When the company started using Backlog, it immediately made collaboration easier for teams and clients across different time zones. Project managers can oversee every aspect of a project, keep track of performances, and organize work visually. The project management tool also reduced the teams’ dependence on emails and spreadsheets, enhancing overall productivity.

Jakub Jamontt is the Chief Business Development Officer of an IT company in Poland that provides computer-rendered 3D floor plans and walkthroughs for real estate use cases. To help deliver its services, the company was looking for an agile tool to manage the development of features, products, and its delivery of orders. Jamontt and his team needed a structured system to help organize and plan releases, keep track of bugs, and meet deadlines.

They found Backlog met its requirements. At first, only the engineering team used Backlog. Now, all the company’s teams use it, including sales and marketing. Within two years, the software has helped the company render 100,000 apartment walkthroughs. Easy to set up and use, it has become the central hub of the company and its operations.

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Why Choose Backlog?

Backlog provides a unique combination of tools and features to simplify the creation of products. It consolidates modern work views, customization, automated notifications, issue tracking, and version control that help streamline product management processes. Built-in commenting and file management tools also enable effective collaboration that reduces miscommunication and duplicated efforts, so teams can work better together.

Company Info

Backlog is a product of Nulab, Inc., a privately held software company with headquarters in Fukuoka, Japan. It was co-founded in 2004 by Masanori Hashimoto and Shinsuke Tabata, two developers with a goal of creating software built for creators to support team communication and project collaboration. Its goal is to build a global community of creators as it continues to create more software products to support creators.

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