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apmg-logoWith an escalating demand for certified PM practitioners, certification and accreditation are essential requirements for all ambitious professionals. Not only do these two credentials verify that the arduous training and examination processes undertaken is unquestionably of the highest standards possible but also enhance professional productivity and career growth. Without doubt, APMG International has been in the forefront in offering world renowned certification and accreditation to individuals and to training and consulting organizations worldwide.

APMG International

Founded in 1993, APMG International is a reputable, competent and a globally renowned accrediting and certification body. The organization has a global network of Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) that consistently accredits training and consulting organizations. Since it’s also accredited to the International ISO standards, APMG has the mandate to manage certification programs worldwide. APMG’s objectives are centered on guaranteeing high accreditation standards and assisting accredited organizations in extending the scope of their market services. Therefore, through APMG, accredited and certified professionals and organizations can adequately offer exemplary and reliable services. Certifications offered by APMG cut across all the management aspects of any organization. This include General Management, Project and Programme Management, I.T and Best Management Practises among others. Similarly, the prestigious Certified Management Consultant (CMC) Award is also offered by this esteemed Examination Institute.


APMG has an elegant option-based examination criteria that mainly comprises of two alternatives, namely on-line exams and paper-based exam formats.

online-examOn-line Exam Options – Online exams offered by APMG can be classroom-based or home/office based exams. Classroom-based online exams as offered by APMG’s Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) are usually undertaken to supplement classroom-based training courses. Preliminary examination results with immediate feedback on all subject areas are provided to candidates who opt to take them. On the other hand, home based online exams are facilitated through the APMG Remote Proctor Now Software. This option is ideal for self-study and ATO blended students. It is highly convenient as you can opt to sit for your exams at your preferred time and date. With an extensive network of over 400 Pearson Vue examination testing centres, distance-learning candidates can comfortably sit for Foundation or ITIL Intermediate examinations.

paper-examPaper-based Exam Options – As a conventional method used by countless training organizations, paper-based exams often done during or towards the end of each course are also available. Through SelfScan¬Æ, a proficient exam-marking system, candidates get to receive their immediate preliminary results as soon as they complete their respective exams. To prepare for exams, candidates can choose to pursue their certification courses as self-study learners or as full-time trainees. In addition to online/distance learning, APMG’s Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) can offer a blend of classroom and online tutoring. Exams can also be done at via Public Centres.


Through APMG-International Certification schemes, APMG offers an ample range of exclusive certifications to individuals with an aim to develop their technical know-how, skills and professional integrity. Exclusive certifications offered include Project & Programme Management, I.T Governance & Service Management, Professional Certifications and Cyber Security. Project and Programme Management trainees can be certified in Agile PM, PPM Certificate & Diploma,PRINCE2 – Project Management, Stakeholder Engagement among other prestigious certifications. Professionals in the IT Governance & Service Management sector can enroll for available certifications such as Change Analyst, Business Relationship Management Professional, Lean IT, Service Level Analyst and Problem Analyst just to name a few. Notable Professional Certifications include Aerospace AAB Scheme, Certified Management Consultant Award (CMC), IACCM Contract and Commercial Management as well as the CESG Certified Professional – Information Assurance certification in Cyber Security.

Accreditation Services

As a reputable accreditation body, APMG accredits both training and consulting organizations. Similarly, this respectable institute also accredits individual course trainers, consultants and materials. As an esteemed and accredited body by the Institute of Consulting (IC), APMG is approved to offer the prestigious and reputable award of Certified Management Consultant (CMC) to qualified consultants. The ISO 9001 Quality Systems Certification is also offered through the organization’s UKAS-regulated scheme to organizations to facilitate improvement in the provision of high product and service quality.


Through APMG Accredited Consulting Organizations (ACOs) and APMG Registered Consultants, the organization trains credible and globally recognized consultants. This has largely contributed to persistent delivery of reliable consultation services, improved organizational performance, as well as successful and results-oriented project and programme management. APMG also uses efficient tools and products to compliment consultant training. This include the P3M3 APMG Assessment Tool and the APMG Maturity Index. Similarly in efforts to further cement their reputation in the global consultant service market, APMG has introduced three new specialisms for Registered Consultants in the ACO Scheme. This includes APMG Portfolio, Programme and Project Registered Consultant, APMG Organizational Change Management Registered Consultant, and APMG IT Governance and Service Management Registered Consultant.


APMG-International has an interesting and educational blog that enlightens readers on APMG’s certification, consultation and accreditation schemes. The blog also remarkably discusses on various learning trends. Informative articles in APMG International blog include Why Mistakes Are Good, ISO/IEC 20000 ‚Äì Myths and Truths, PMPs Prior Learning Recognized for PRINCE2 and Partnering with APMG to Deliver Added Value to your Consulting Customers among others.

Exemplary Achievements as a Certification and Accrediting Body

For the past two decades, APMG has consistently evaluated numerous organisation’s technical proficiencies and reliabilities in order to remarkably facilitate high standards of accreditation and certification. As a result of the organization has realized exemplary achievements and developed careers of countless and currently practicing professionals. To learn more about APMG International, visit their Twitter profile.

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