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ama logoEvents and crises that happen in one country or region now affect the whole world. Recent financial crises have shown these, and the trend toward globalization should drive professionals to prepare for its far-reaching effects. Major projects around the world are requiring skilled and experienced project managers to successfully deliver them. Project stakeholders are demanding not only deliverables but business value of projects as well. Virtual and cross-cultural teams are creating new challenges in terms of project management and leadership skills. Fortunately, the American Management Association has the right training courses and solutions to help project professionals get ready for global exposure.

Introducing AMA

The American Management Association or AMA was founded in 1923, and for over 90 years, major organizations including Fortune 500 firms have availed of its professional development services. Today, it continues to provide professional leadership development and management training programs. It supports the training and education goals of individuals, enterprises and government agencies through seminars, business books, webcasts, podcasts, conferences, tailored solutions, research and white papers. For instance, its seminars dealing with 24 subject areas are given by different ways such as through classrooms, live online, express skills, on-demand, or on-site.

Project Management Courses and Seminars

Project management is one of the subject areas in the training courses and seminars that the American Management Association is offering. It aims to help the project professional deliver smarter solutions on time and within budget. It has basic and core skills courses such as Essentials of PM for the Non-Project Manager, How to Start a Project Right, and the popular Improving Your PM Skills, which is offered either in classroom, live online, or on-site. It is a 3-day seminar where participants learn and practice tools and techniques proven necessary for successful project management. It is equivalent to 18 PDUs and is offered for members and non-members alike, but AMA members enjoy a discounted price. For the next month, there are 63 scheduled sessions nationwide.

AMA also offers business analysis courses such as BA essentials, Requirements Development, Documentation and Management, and CBAP/CCBA boot camps. It also has courses for intermediate skills such as its Comprehensive PM Workshop, Strategic PM, and another popular course, the Best Practices for the Multi-PM. It also offers a PMP Exam Prep Express, Agile courses, Scrum courses, and Microsoft courses such as Project 2013 and SharePoint training.

Training Solutions for Other Subject Areas

Aside from project management, AMA also provides professional leadership development and management training programs for 23 other subject areas. These include analytical skills, business analysis and quality, business writing, communication skills, customer service, finance and accounting, human resource management, IT management, interpersonal skills, leadership, and more. For instance, in the subject area of leadership, there are 35 seminar solutions that can enhance the qualities of good leadership and provide effective skills. One such seminar is the online Leading in a Global Environment. It aims to increase the confidence of the leader when working globally and help him or her develop an ability to adapt to different cultural situations, among others.

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Offering the Next Step to a Professional’s Path to Success

Despite economic slowdown in different parts of the globe, the demand for project managers continues to be higher than its supply, especially as this is the time the profession is expected to deliver projects with tight budgets and deadlines but of top-most quality. Developing skills and competencies remains to be paramount for the project manager, and not limited to local settings anymore. Professionals, however, can continue to turn to the American Management Association to be their trusted partner in providing training solutions as well as guidance and direction to enhance skills, abilities and knowledge with visible results. Learn more about AMA through their social media pages: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube.

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