AceProject Latest Release: Better iOS App, Time Management

aceproject-logoAceProject web-based project management application announced the latest enhancements and fixes for its February 2016 release. Included features in this update are improvements in their iOS mobile app, under-the-hood performance enhancements, time management consolidation and advantages, and more good news. It will be 15 years soon since this business management and productivity software first launched and helped users tracked and managed their projects. Many original clients are still around and continue to use the application, project after project.

Mobile App Update for iOS9.x

The latest AceProject release includes several modifications for the app running on iOS9.x. Users can now add single or multiple file attachments stored in the device’s photo gallery, Google Docs, or other third-party cloud storage depending on the user’s local installation. It is able also to take a picture and add the file directly to the application.

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Attaching files and adding documents can be made when creating a task. Some visible improvements also include a new look and feel drop-down for changing items and a more fluid scrolling. Downloading and viewing documents are now possible and completed fast. And just like in the web app, recent documents that have been accessed or viewed are listed at the top.

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Other Improvements and Fixes

AceProject continues to make changes to improve user experience such as increasing performance speed, especially for users with a great amount of project data. For instance, the speed for retrieving task comments have been improved, more noticeable for those with larger task lists. Fixes include solving the crash problem when a single quote is used in the Custom Product Name, and sending out of email notification when non-PM users write comments on a completed task. Other fixes were applied to refreshing displays after new adds, better response and more robust handling of simultaneous commands.

Integrated Time Management

AceProject’s integrated time management solution provides businesses and teams the tools for tracking time across all projects. Team members have multiple, easy ways for clocking time on their tasks. It can recognize time input in decimal format (ex. 2.5 hours) and hh:mm format (2:30 hours). The application has an automated timesheet and approval system that makes time entry and tracking simple and on-time. Project managers can easily approve or reject timesheets and notify the team for the need for changes through an optional comment. They can also generate custom real-time and relevant reports that provides important project status and progress, exportable to CSV or Excel format.

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Upcoming Enhancements

The February 2016 AceProject web-based project management application release is the start of many more enhancements and improvements to come. After the iOS update, the development team is now working on the Android update. The items to be worked on include being able to add a photo and the availability of certain document and image previews. Also next to come is a replacement of the payment system, such that all information and payment functionality will be in the app. It will be much easier and flexible to all AceProject customers. To know the details of the recent update, visit their Change History page. You can also visit their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube page. If you need a great extension to AceProject, we recommend

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