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Abak360 is an integrated timesheet, invoicing, and project cost-tracking software solution ideal for professional services providers. Its all-in-one platform enables users to streamline the process of creating, managing, and tracking budgets, tasks, expenses, costs, and invoices for client projects. Firms can also monitor and manage project progress, workload, and employee hours with detailed real-time reports.

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Abak360 Features and Strengths

Timesheet and Expenses Tracking

Abak360 software is for companies like professional services firms that bill and invoice time and expenses. Users can log all kinds of time such as billable, non-billable, contractor time, and equipment usage. Users can associate these logged times to particular projects and clients, making it easy to track and derive costing and profits for each project and client. Just like time entries, users can associate expenses with a client and project. Users can configure different expense types and create pre-defined rates. They can also log expenses by batch and join receipts to expense accounts.

Users can easily access the timesheets through its cross-platform compatibility. They can log time using the web app, desktop apps, or a mobile app from anywhere. It has an offline mode and data will sync as soon as internet service becomes available. Employees can view their timesheets and accrued vacation days, sick days, and overtime hours. The integrated timesheet software automatically computes accruals so payroll and HR do not need to process them again. Each timesheet and expense report goes through 3 levels of approval for accuracy. Project managers can approve project timesheets for invoicing.

Financial Project Management

Abak360 provides teams with real-time project financial reporting to ensure that projects stay within budget and business remains profitable. From time, expense, and invoice data, the project financial software automatically calculates which projects are profitable. Budget control and performance reports will show if a project is within budget and on track.

Once users set a budget, the software will report its status cost-wise at any time. Abak360 allows users to manage project costs at the overall project level, project phase level, or task level for more effective control. The Work in Progress report can give details on how much billable time and expenses users can invoice their clients for the project.

Invoicing, Resource Assignment, Document Management, and More

Abak360 allows users to quickly create invoices using data from timesheets and expense entries, as well as from vendor invoices. It will automatically build invoices without the need to re-enter time or document expenses. It has a built-in Gantt chart to track tasks, assign resources, and time spent on tasks.

The time and project tracking software also has a centralized document management feature that allows users to attach, store, and search files across the different modules of the software. It accepts files in different formats, but a device needs the right software to open the file. Other features include mobile access to the time and expense software, dashboards with graphs and charts, accounting and payroll software integration, configurable workflows and alerts, and multiple reports for projects to track performance against budget, revenues, profits, resource use, labor hours, and work in progress.

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Abak360 Pricing

Abak360 pricing is customized to its clients. Interested parties can fill out a web form on the company’s website to request a free diagnosis from the Abak360 team.

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Who Uses Abak360?

Abak360 is for businesses of all sizes in need of an integrated timesheet, project financial tracking, and billing solution. Many customers belong to consulting, accounting, architectural, engineering, environmental consulting, IT service, and other professional services firms. Customers include Alithya, OmegaChem, Groupe Synergis, ACDF Architecture, Groupe Civitas, Ambioner, UPA, Northwind Land Resources, and E&I Cooperative Service.

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Abak360 Supported Languages

Abak360 supports English and French languages.

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Case Studies

Tiffany Villeneuve is an HR assistant for an environmental consulting firm based in Edmonton, Alberta. The company needed a time and expense tracking software that will allow Tiffany and team to track all time and expenses that employees charge their clients. This is to ensure billing consistency.

With Abak360, the company can efficiently collect and approve employee timesheets, as well as track consultants, vendors, and subcontractors. It can also conveniently import and export particular entries with QuickBooks. These features enable Tiffany to save time and give users detailed productivity data that helps the company’s workflow analysis.

Jim Kowalski is the IT Director for a member-owned, non-profit, procurement cooperative based in New York that delivers solutions and services to the education community. Some years ago, the leadership felt that it was time to expand its core focus from procurement contracts to procurement consulting services. While the organization’s infrastructure can support the electronic gathering and reporting of ROI metrics, Jim felt that having a dedicated software solution was the best solution.

After evaluation of several candidates, the organization picked Abak360 due to its easy-to-use timesheet and administration. It is SaaS based, has SMB expertise, and supports corporate and field-based consumers. Now, the organization has a collaborative platform that supports the full cycle of servicing, billing, and identifying opportunities for its users.

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Why Choose Abak360?

Abak360 provides value to businesses though its real-time updates on project statuses and by reducing the need for many manual activities related to data entry. It reduces time spent on manual administrative tasks, saves time, and reduces opportunity for errors. Companies are able to produce accurate billing, get real-time business health status, and create a more efficient work environment.

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Company Info

Abak360 is owned by Hopem Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harris Computer Systems, based in Québec City, Canada. Abak Software Inc., which was founded in 1997, provides technology solutions that centralize time and expense data entries, billing, project finances, resource planning, and document management modules on a single software platform. Hopem, which creates software solutions for real estate, healthcare, and food services, acquired Abak Software in May 2019.

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