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Overview Presentation

When time is the product your company sells, it’s critical to manage it well. With Abak’s Time and Billing solution, you can connect your employee’s time and expenses, your contractors and your suppliers to your projects, your clients and your invoices. Abak becomes the business management tool that connects all business functions in a consulting company.

Features, Benefits and Product Strengths

  • Timesheets anywhere: Abak offers several interfaces to log time: a windows app, a web app, and a mobile app. Time is logged for a task in a project. Abak makes the distinction between billable and non-billable time, which makes it easy to link all costs to the relevant project. Employees and contractors are assigned to work on projects and can see their assignments right from their timesheets. They can even update the project’s progress as they log their time. Abak also manages time accruals such as vacations, sick days, or overtime banks.
  • Proactive project management: Good project management is not just about planning, but also keeping up with the results. Abak is designed to keep track of all costs and all revenues for each project, and alert you when budgets reach pre-set spending levels. With its multi-level project structure, Abak is built to manage simple and complex projects alike. For MS Project aficionados, Abak offers bidirectional integration with the popular project management tool: upload your MPP file to Abak and automatically create your project tree-view of tasks and sub-tasks; then later on update your MPP file with Abak’s timesheet data and run earned value reports and Gantt charts.
  • Flexible and automated invoicing: Abak’s strength lies in its ability to connect comprehensive data on time and expenses to flexible invoicing options. Abak supports invoicing fixed price contracts, time and materials, recurring invoices and even based on the percentage of completion. Invoices are customized to fit your business’ look-and-feel.


Abak is offered on a subscription basis, starting at 120$ per year per user. Abak is offered on-premises or hosted in our data center located in Canada.

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Target Market

Abak is perfect for professional services companies such as engineering companies, accounting and CPA firms, and consulting businesses.

Supported Languages

Abak’s interface is available in English and French.

Some of their Clients

Taylor & Hill, CIA, Standard Life, Optimum Consulting, Potomac Communications, NorthWind Land Resources, Cantatus Systems Group, Educational & Institutional Cooperative Service, Inc.


Arian Soheili, Managing Director, Cantatus Systems Group, Canada

Using Abak Software Since 2003: “Abak is a great product. Easy to use! Fast to implement! And great Support with a ROI of less than a month! We implemented in less than a week – three days to be exact and trained end-users for an hour! What do we have now? A time and billing system that is fully integrated into our accounting software that has reduced our billing and accounting cycle to 20 percent of what it was before! We recommend it for any professional firm that is looking for a robust, stable and fully integrated time and billing solution. So on a scale of 1 to 10 we give it 15!

Nora Howe, VP Operations, Potomac Communications Group Inc, USA

Using Abak Software Since 2007: Abak eliminated duplicate data entry and allowed centralized access to project and invoice data, in real time. Potomac Communications Group (PCG) is a public relations firm that specializes in energy and environmental issues. Nora explains, “Now, our project managers are able to input the time and billing information directly into the Abak software, which then automatically updates Sage Accpac ERP. This eliminates the need for duplicate data entry within the accounting department making the process 100% faster. We are seeing a reduction in inaccuracies and are becoming much more efficient!”

Why Abak?

When adopting Abak, companies typically cut their billing cycle in half and gain great visibility over the source of not only the revenues, but also the costs.

Company Info

Abak has been helping businesses grow since 1997. Our time, billing and project management system is in use in hundreds of companies in North America and all over the world, helping consulting businesses make the most of their resources and eliminate billing errors.

Get a free consultation

If you’d like to know if Abak meets your needs, contact the sales team to discuss your requirements and get a walk-through of the whole system.

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  1. Our process with Abak started last year when our firm decided that we needed to improve the way we track time and expenses in order to help us attain our strategic goals. Like many small consulting firms, we had been using spreadsheets to track the various metrics that we thought were most useful. The problem that we faced was that none of the spreadsheets were linked. The metrics were all over the place and often there were double and triple entries that were needed. With Abak, we now have one place to enter our time and expenses. The metrics are easier to access and we can also run queries to pull other metrics that we simply could not obtain previously.

    Our experience through the transition has been full of challenges, but the people at Abak were up to every challenge that we threw at them. I attended a financial management course several months ago and one of our discussions revolved around time tracking and management systems. Every person in the room mentioned lack of support and training with providers. This is where I feel that Abak excels. The customer service and after sales support is as good as it gets.

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