7 Workplace Trends You’ll See in 2017

7-workplace-trends-youll-see-in-2017Technology is evolving year after year at a rapid pace and most of the workplace practices which have been used a decade ago have become obsolete. Having befitting HR policies that align with the present day environment is imperative for growing organizations.

Following are the 7 Workplace trends you will see in 2017:

1. Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology helps HRs to keep track on their employees’ health and aids in developing operational efficiency. Studies show that healthy employees cost less, as they have lower health care costs and fewer lost workdays.

Devices such as Fitbit will keep track of movement, eating habits, and sleep activity of an employee to promote a healthier lifestyle within the office. These practices attract employees and they continue to stick around for a long time, and at the same time reduces sick leave and healthcare costs.

Wearable technology is highly recommended at workplaces with dangerous work environments such as construction and manufacturing factories.

2. Automation of HR & Payroll

The way your employees get paid will be automated by Modern HR and Payroll Software. These applications are compliant with the corresponding government rules. Along with the payroll automation, they also have integrated features like time, attendance, and leave management systems. This will drastically increase productivity and employee engagement in the organization.

3. More Importance to Employee Engagement

If you don’t have engaged employees, you’re not going to create next generation of innovation. ” ‚Äì Mike Metzger.

It is a proven fact that companies with engaged employees outperform companies with disengaged employees at an exponential rate. The key point in employee engagement is to be super transparent.

Employee engagement is less about expense and more about effort. Companies fail because they don’t make enough effort. They may try, but they don’t try hard enough.

More importance will be given to employee engagement to improve the business efficiency and to retain the best talent.

4. Smart Ways to Hire Talent

Technology in increasing at a rapid pace leaving no stone unturned to reveal the true personality of an individual. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter have become the mainstream for many recruiters to find new talent and to help evaluate them. This trend will increase in the coming years.

5. Flexibility at the Workplace

High performing organizations and best leaders in the world are slowly comprehending the importance of flexibility and the future of work. Workplace flexibility allows employees to engage in the work they do and give 100% of their effort.

It allows employees to work independently without any pressure of working in the office premises. Flexibility should mutually benefit the employer and the employee, and at the same time accomplishing the business needs. Workplace flexibility is predominant to attract and retain the top Talent.

6. More Emphasis on Office Design

More business owners are approaching minimalistic ways in designing their workplace to look decluttered and organized. This approach gives a distraction free environment and helps employees to work more productively.

Unique office designs can play a key role in the branding of the company as well.

Multi-purpose workspaces use flexible furniture which allows a small team to work together on a project can also be used for creating team meetings.

7. Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a very broad concept and the perspective of work-life balance between the employer and employee is distinctive. Recent research says that 60% of employees are not able to find a balance between their professional and personal life.

The best companies are embracing flexibility and giving priority to work-life balance. Creating seminars for training line managers to recognize signs of overwork and creating surveys of employees’ work/life issues can help HRs to make right decisions. However, it mostly depends on the individual and how he plans his work schedule.

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