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7 PRINCE2 Themes, Principles and Processes!

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PRINCE2-logoAs we already know that PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environment) is a project management methodology accepted in more than 150 countries across the world. It is a generalised project management methodology that can be applied to project of any type and size irrespective of the industry. There are two types of courses offered by institutes offering project management courses:
  1. PRINCE2 Foundation: Trainees are trained with the basics of PRINCE2. Trainees learn about 7 principles, 7 themes and 7 processes of PRINC2 methodology. PRINCE2 Foundation exam is conducted to know if the candidate is aware of all basics of PRINCE2. It is an exam in which the candidate has to score minimum of 35 marks out of 70.
  2. PRINCE2 Practitioner: Trainees learn how to work on a real time project. They are provided with a special training for applying PRINCE2 principles, themes and processes on a project. In PRINCE2 practitioner exam, it is tested if the candidate is capable of applying these concepts on a real-time project. It is an exam with total 80 marks. The candidate has to score at least 55% marks for PRINCE2 practitioner certification.
Processes: 7 processes of PRINCE2 describe responsibilities. In simple words- these process tell who will do what and when. 7 processes of PRINCE2 are:
  1. Starting up a project
  2. Initialisation of a project
  3. Direction of a project
  4. Controlling a stage
  5. Management of product delivery
  6. Management of stage boundaries
  7. Closures of a project
Themes: 7 themes of PRINCE2 define those areas of project management needed to be addressed continuously till the closure of the project. Following are the 7 themes defined in PRINCE2:
  1. Business case: Before starting any project, it is essential to know that if the project feasible, desirable and achievable.
  2. Organisation: In organisation, accountabilities and responsibilities are defined.
  3. Quality: The objective of this theme is to ensure that the project meets all its requirements without any issue.
  4. Risks: The objective of this theme is to focus on identifying, assessing and controlling risks.
  5. Plan: It is the most crucial theme of PRINCE2 methodology. It describes what to do and how to do to achieve the goal of the project. It describes what activities to be performed, when to be perform and by whom to be performed.
  6. Change: A client may anytime ask to add or remove a project requirement. This theme describes efficient and reliable change management.
  7. Progress: Objective of this theme is to ensure that project is being developed according to the plan.
Principles: 7 PRINCE2 principles serve the purpose of a framework for the efficient project management practice. 7 PRINC2 principles consist of:
  1. Business justification
  2. Roles and responsibilities
  3. Learn from experience
  4. Manage by exceptions
  5. Manage by stages
  6. Tailor to suite the environment
  7. Focus on product

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