6 Reasons Why You Need a Creative Team for Your Project


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6 Reasons Why You Need a Creative Team for Your ProjectProject management isn’t always the easiest task. Pulling together everything you need and ensuring people execute it properly can be a thankless task. As most project managers will attest to, the team behind the project management matters almost as much as the manager themselves. You may not know it, but your project doesn’t just need a team, it needs a creative team to help get it to completion in the most efficient way, with the greatest chance of success. Sure, a team of highly technical people can execute commands, but they’re missing a few elements that creative people can bring. Here’s why you should be using a highly creative team for your project.

1. Creative Ideas

This one should seem obvious, but a creative team should be able to generate creative and innovative ideas. This can take a project from being good enough, to great. If the members of your team aren’t very creative, you can’t expect the ideas they come up with dazzle you. If you’re looking for ideas that are outside the box, you need creative people. They actually think differently.

2. Problem Solving

There is often more than one solution to a problem. Finding creative solutions to problems can be a little more elegant than the obvious ones. Sometimes the creative solutions are the only ones that work. The greatest inventors have always had a creative mind when it comes to solving some of our biggest daily problems. Having a diverse team of creative people can often lead to some pretty interesting solutions. They may even be able to solve the almost impossible issues on your project.

3. They’re Efficient

Creative people actually focus and work harder when they’re being creative. If you’re looking for a team that won’t drag its feet, make sure they’re creative. They’re also able to understand when something just isn’t working. They won’t waste time trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, they’ll find another solution. Likely a creative one.

4. They Have Understanding

Although being creative is often associated with having a higher IQ, it’s not what you may think. Being creative is just about having the ability to connect the dots. Some people will view this as intelligence. When working on your project, they’ll be able to have an understanding of the big picture. You’ll be able to rely on them to connect the dots between their task and the overall goal.

5. Many Leaders

Putting creative people on a diverse team will encourage them all to take leadership roles within their own work. There are several leadership skills that creative people possess. They’ll be able to work things out without the intervention of a project manager. Having a creative team is like having several micro-managers on the team already. Take advantage of these qualities.

6. Results Oriented

Hiring creative people means hiring people that are results oriented. This will mean less time figuring out how to get there, and more time actually working on getting there. That’s music to most project manager’s ears. Having a creative team, or at least some members of the team that are highly creative can make a big difference in how the project is managed. The less you need to work with the team and the more they can just execute will be a big help.

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