5 Tips and Tricks for Trello Power Users

Among project management tools, Trello is lauded by many for its simplicity and ease of use. If you’re new to project management and want to get yourself set up quickly, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option. That said, many project managers confuse Trello’s simplicity with a lack of functionality. If you need a great reporting and exporting tool for Trello, we suggest using Bridge24 for Trello.

If you use Trello every day, you probably know just how valuable the tool can be, but you still might not be using it to its full potential. With that in mind, here are five tips and tricks for Trello power users that will help you make better use of your project management software.

Make the most of Trello with these quick tips

Tip #1: Use all the shortcuts at your disposal

Trello has a ton of keyboard shortcuts that will help you speed up your workflow. A lot of people know about the tool’s navigation shortcuts, but you can also use your keyboard edit cards, assign tasks, filter and label cards, and more.

A few of our favourite shortcuts:

  • Push “E ” to enter “quick edit ” mode and quickly edit a card;
  • Press the spacebar to assign (or unassign) a task to yourself;
  • Press “; ” to show the names of labels on a board;
  • And, of course, push “? ” to open up the shortcuts page. 

Tip #2: Turn emails into cards

Inbox overload? We’ve all been there. That’s half the reason we rely on these project management tools in the first place. We want the tasks out of our email so they’re more organized and trackable. But when you have to manually build every emailed assignment into the tool of your choice, that starts to feel like a task in and of itself.

Thankfully, you can easily transform those emails into Trello cards. Each Trello board has a unique email address (Find it by clicking “More” in the sidebar and opening “Email-to-board Settings”), and forwarding an email from your inbox to that address transforms it into an easy-to-update card.

Like boards, each Trello card also has its own email address. Sending an email to the cards adds the content of the email as a comment. This little trick comes in handy when an executive or external stakeholder insists on sending you emails with feedback on a project.

Tip 3: Turn webpages into cards

Do you ever bookmark webpages to read later, but never actually get around to it? Perhaps you search for examples of work that can be used as inspiration for a current project? Or maybe you like to scour the web finding articles that could help your team members develop or learn something new?

Those situations tend to strike a chord with a lot of project managers, but very few have considered Trello as a solution to those problems. With the Send to Trello bookmarklet, you can easily turn webpages into Trello cards.

To do so, you just need to drag a link from this page to your bookmarks. Then, when you’re on a website you want to share, click the bookmark link, choose the board and list, and you’re done. Use it to give yourself a due date for reading a post so it doesn’t fall through the cracks, or make sure your designer has a look at that great brand book you found.

Tip 4: View everything assigned to you on every board

As teams and organizations scale, people tend to create more and more Trello boards to capture teams, departments, or even major projects. If you’re a member of multiple boards, you may find it hard to keep track of all the cards assigned to you.

Trello has you covered. You can easily view every card assigned to you, across all of your boards, by clicking your avatar and selecting the “Cards ” button. The cards can then be filtered by due date or by board, and if you click a card it will bring you to the destination board.

No more jumping from board to board. No more missed deadlines.

Tip 5: Mirror cards between multiple boards

Are you part of a large organization that requires you to work on complicated projects involving several teams? Or do you need to outsource work to an agency or contractor through Trello?

When you’re working with a bunch of different people on several different teams, it can be hard to keep track of tasks. Rather than manually duplicate cards between Trello boards, or share an entire board with another team, you can actually just mirror individual cards to multiple boards with Unito (Full disclosure: I work at Unito). Any time a card is updated on one board, that information is synced to every other board where they’re present. This allows you to easily collaborate on projects without having to leave your own board.

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