5 Steps To Master The Art Of Goal Setting In Project Management

As you probably already know, being involved in managing projects is fun, rarely dull and always fulfilling. However, it does also come with its fair share of headaches. From managing people as well as the project to what feels like 24hr shifts to get a project completed, it can be highly stressful, and nothing is more stressful than setting goals and achieving them.

Goal setting is the backbone of every project and getting it right can be the difference between a project being a success and a project being a total failure. There is a certain art to it, and in this article, you will see how you can master that art in five easy to follow steps so the next project you are involved with can run as smooth as possible.

1. Determine exactly what you want to achieve

The first step to goal setting is very important, you have to determine in as much detail as possible, exactly what you want to achieve with the project. Often the problem teams face is not having this discussion before moving forward. What tends to happen is a month or two down the line people are going in different directions because they have opposite ideas of what the project is and how to accomplish important tasks.

Talking it out first builds cohesion within the team and allows everyone to be on the same page. Discuss it with your team and get each member to write down a mission statement of what you intend to do so it’s etched into everyone’s memory.

2. Set goals in accordance to your team members’ strengths

Each person on your team will have their own unique set of strengths and knowledge. If you want the goals to be achieved, it is important to set the appropriate goals for the appropriate people.

The goals and tasks that are difficult should be assigned to the members of your team with the most experience and vice-versa.

Also, take into account the fact that some members of your team might seem skilled enough for certain tasks but when pushed can make miracles happen. So it’s up to you to get to know your team’s abilities inside out so the assigned goals help you instead of hinder you.

3 Create an action plan

When everyone has their goals in front them and everyone one is on the same page, your project is on the way to becoming a success. To push it over the edge you need to develop a detailed action plan to achieve said goals.

Make sure the plans depict how to complete specific goals. Break down every detail of the objectives and include backup plans in case something goes wrong. Doing so will make sure that every member of the team will know exactly what to do, and how to do it.

4. Set concrete deadlines

At this point, everyone is excited and ready to attack their goals head on and complete the project. What you need to do next is set concrete deadlines to give members of the team some incentive as to when certain tasks need to be done. Create a timeline that clearly shows when the project will be finished and the steps your team needs to take to get there.

5. Keep it on track

Now all you need to do is keep the project on track. Communication is key to getting goals achieved so be in regular contact with your team and stay updated on what they are up to as the project progresses.


Before reading this article you might have walked into a new project not knowing where to start. However, as you can see above in just five steps you can set your goals for the project and have a crystal clear idea of how to achieve them. Be sure to come back to this article and use the steps above the next time you need some help setting some goals.

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