5 Project Management Tips on How to Motivate Your Team

The ability to motivate your team is one of the most important skills of every project manager. Exhausting, long-lasting projects do happen, and the more skilled in motivation project manager is, the easier it will be for the whole team to handle this situation.

However, how exactly a project manager should motivate? Some of us seem to be natural in it; some, however, struggle to find the right words. That’s why today I want to share 5 motivational tips with you: maybe they’ll help you build the right attitude and find the right words.

1. Increase Their Commitment

The best and easiest way to do so is to explain how finishing this project will benefit both your company and your team. It might be surprising but actually, not every one of your team keeps this benefits in mind during their work. Some simply don’t know about them, doing their work because they are told to. Some know about them but don’t keep them in mind the whole time ‚Äì in this case, reminding them about it can increase their motivation at least a bit.

2. Reward Them for Good Work

Rewards are good for many reasons. First, they confirm that your team had performed well and achieved the desired results. Second, they show your team that their efforts and hard work were noticed and appreciated. Sometimes praise and recognition are all people need to feel more motivated.

3. Set Realistic Goals

One of the worst things you could do to your team is to overload them with work that actually couldn’t handle. Of course, when a new project starts, we all might feel a bit too excited and optimistic about it. Sometimes it might lead to setting goals that aren’t very realistic.

Everyone could make this mistake and there’s nothing awful about it. However, in this case, you should do your best to reevaluate your plan and adjust the goals to reality so your team won’t feel exhausted and demotivated.

4. Measure Performance

How to understand whether your project goes just as planned or you need some additional time? How to find out whether its goals are achieved or not? How to track the progress in the first place? Of course, by measuring it.

It would be much easier for your team to work, knowing exactly how much did they complete and how much work is left. It would be much easier for you too as you would know whether you should quicken your work, extend the project a bit, or continue at the current pace. That’s why you should consider measuring the performance right from the start of the project, setting intermediate deadlines, and telling your team about them.

5. Be Motivated Yourself

How your team is supposed to stay motivated when you don’t look motivated yourself? A personal example is very important and so you should do your best to stay motivated too as described in this wikihow article. Of course, it could be hard ‚Äì after all, you are a human and you can get discouraged just like anyone else.

So how could you stay motivated? I recommend creating a list of task your team has already completed and looking at it each time you feel stuck and depressed. Make sure to put all your personal problems aside when you come to work and always try to look for the bright aspects of both life and work.

Of course, such things don’t always come easy. It could be hard to keep your head high sometimes and motivate your team despite how you feel. But don’t forget that they are relying on you. And there’s one thing I can promise you: once you’ll realize that you did succeed in motivating them, this will definitely make you feel great.

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