5 Must Have Skills for Project Management

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5-must-have-skills-for-project-managementProject management is a demanding job that requires the presence of leadership skills to communicate effortlessly with your team. Successful project managers are highly sought after as their critical skills mean completing complex projects at a faster pace.

So, what are these so-called skills that define a successful project manager?

Apart from being an intelligent conversationalist, a project manager should have a decisive mindset and execute project deliveries in a timely manner. Here are 5 qualities that can make you stand out among your peers as a defining and respectable project manager.

 #1 Clear Communication

The core of managerial skills revolves around good communication. You could have the best resources at your disposal, but without a good project manager to brief the stakeholders and team members, your projects could suffer from delayed deliveries.

Escalating risks to the relevant team, scheduling meetings to resolve problems, informing seniors on the progress of current projects are effective measures expected from successful project managers.

It’s highly crucial for project managers to bolster underperforming team members and create a strong bond among the team members. It’s equally necessary to praise team members that have gone out of their way and outperformed. Communication is 80 percent of a project manager’s criteria, if you can manage to shine in this quality, the rest will fall into place.

 #2 Solving Problems

Problems are not new to the list of a project manager’s checklist. A critical skill set to grow as a capable project manager is to find solutions to an ongoing concern. Team members are directly influenced by the ability of their project manager’s problem-solving qualities. The sooner you find a solution, the faster your team can work on solving it.

Be ready to take full responsibility for your team and prepare reports on how to offer solutions by consulting senior members. When project managers blame their team for their failures, this brings down the team morale and your staff will lose their confidence to work hard.

From acquisitions to merging into a whole new company, your opinions in problem solving is always desired by the company.

 #3 Resource and Time Management

When a new project is undertaken by a team, it’s the project manager’s job to alert their members on upcoming scenarios. Explain the project outline as well as provide an action plan on how to complete it. Conduct an in-depth strategy discussion and allow all members to contribute on how to save time and resources. Consider every point that has been spoken by your team and make a final decision.

An effective project manager focuses his skill set in addressing the two most important concerns – how to complete project delivery in a timely manner? How to use up the least amount of resources while doing it?

Completing projects on time not only contributes to your success but it also contributes to the triumph of your whole team.

 #4 Develop Modern Strategies

Gone are the days when companies used to hire a project manager with a generic skill set. The modern project manager should actively establish newer and effective methods for project completion. Anticipating a major risk before it happens proves a project manager has a defensive mindset capable of saving his company from a potential loss.

Shifting market trends may force you to change plans, a bold project manager doesn’t shy away from making drastic decisions as well as accepting full responsibility. To prove that you are above the rest, you need to create opportunities for your team and company.

Success happens to those who are open to innovative thinking.

 #5 Team Bonding

Your team reflects your overall personality, therefore, it’s necessary to share lighter moments with them. A serious environment amidst the team creates cut-throat like scenarios where everyone is fighting off each other to prove their performance. This reflects directly on your skill set of creating an aggressive atmosphere.

Host healthy discussions and communicate with your staff, explain that a project is not a race and is reliant on team effort. Remind them of the quote ‘Together we stand – Divided we fall’.

Buy them drinks, break tension between members, etc. A good project manager should never be a ringmaster but rather a proficient teacher that cares for the students.

Danielle Ward

Danielle Ward

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