5 Different Career Paths With a Degree in Project Management

5 Different Career Paths With a Degree in Project ManagementChoosing a career path after you get a degree in project management is fun because of the many varied job opportunities that you’ll qualify for. However, experts do recommend that you also take the time to become a “PMP certified project manager,”which means getting the additional certification of a project-management professional, to really boost your resume and get the most possible job offers. Let’s look at five great options and how you can get these jobs:

1. IT project manager

As an IT project manager, your job description can include supervising vendor relationships for IT companies and also devising strategies for the company’s product delivery and services they’ll offer in the long term. You’re also likely to be responsible for calculating operation costs, overlooking cloud services and choosing new partners within the tech industry.

Your career path needs to include a bachelor’s degree in an IT-related field such as computer engineering or computer science with a master’s in project management. Next, you’ll need to build experience in working with technology service providers for companies with large numbers of users. As in every position you apply for, you can “upskill” yourself beforehand, which means you build up your resume with additional relevant experience or courses that make you more qualified than the majority of other applicants. In this case, you’d upskill by exposing yourself to working with executives to develop performance metrics, which helps you gain a deeper understanding of enterprise architecture.

2. Legal Project Manager

Working as a legal project manager, your job description is generally to lead teams by creating workflows for efficient legal translations and other main tasks of a legal firm, building client relationships, directing quality-assurance measures, meeting profit-margin targets and training other team members in the department as needed.

To get this job, your career path should involve a relevant bachelor’s degree and master’s in project management. Then you’ll need some experience in supervising litigation-related projects while working for paralegals, attorneys and other legal professionals, which also gives you a background in organizing a large amount of data as well. Get ahead of other applicants by taking courses in desktop publishing and other specialized computer programs most used in legal offices.

3. General Project Management Office

To lead a general project-management office, you’ll have the job description of becoming the contact person for stakeholders and other government-program authorities on behalf of your agency. You’ll also oversee all major project operations and hold meetings to engage the right stakeholders for your business.

Get yourself on this career path by getting a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field and a master’s in project management; plus, PMP certification is critical here. Then, jump ahead of the job-seeking pool by getting experience with managing smaller projects like data warehousing and using programs like Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio and the entire suite of Microsoft Office. It’s worth it to always train yourself with the latest versions of these programs as well.

4. Real Estate Project Manager

If you become a real-estate project manager, your job description will feature managing a team that directly supports its clients and meeting the financial goals for a company dealing in commercial real estate or real-estate investment management.

This career path requires a bachelor’s degree in architecture, business, accounting or engineering as well as a master’s in project management. You’ll then need at least two years working in an accounting job and real estate license training. To become better-qualified for the best jobs in this field, you should also be a master of the latest versions of the Microsoft Office Suite and gain experience using any real-estate management systems in a smaller agency.

5. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager has the signature job description of generating more sales for their firm by developing new marketing plans, which can involve working with other local organizations and outside brand advocates to gain more publicity. They have to give presentations, create new promotions, work with human resources to manage the company’s relationship to its community and serve as a brand ambassador at various outreach programs as well.

The career path of a marketing manager starts with a bachelor’s degree in marketing or other advertising-related fields. Then you’d get a master’s in project management and work at trade shows to gain some hands-on experience. In order to greatly upskill your profile, you should also take extra courses in public speaking and build a portfolio of projects that you’ve managed the publicity for where you can track the results with some solid numbers to impress your next potential boss in an interview. Then take it a step further by getting some practical work experience in the field you want to promote to understand the foundations of an industry completely from the inside out.

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