4 Best eLearning Project Management Tools


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Are you a part of the learning and development industry? Do you cater to elearning services required by the target market? A successful elearning business is a result of proper planning and inclusion of excellent project management tools, specifically designed for elearning requirements.

Why? There are various benefits associated with including elearning project management tools. Let us talk about them in brief.

  • Collaboration can be quite a tedious affair with elearning teams, especially if there are people who are working remotely on the different tasks and projects. With the right tools, you can assign tasks and roles to the different people within the team. Apart from that, you can track the tasks and the progress, thus being able to manage the teams.
  • The second issue you are likely to face as part of elearning business is managing and organizing the teams and the tasks. There are different parts of the entire lesson planning process, which includes the actual design of the lesson, planning the different aspects, storyboarding the courses etc. When you have different teams working on the different angles of a lesson plan, you may find it difficult to prioritize the work, completing the tasks on time, and being able to view the completed task. That’s where the collaboration tools come to your rescue. All the information required to complete the tasks are stored in a single place, thus making it accessible to you
  • Finally, sharing the lessons and being able to edit the work is difficult with elearning teams, especially if you work remotely. From sharing work to discussing the work to making the changes, things are easier when you have an elearning project management tool by your side.

Choosing the right tool makes all the difference, which depends entirely on your ability to research and understand your requirements. Here, we will discuss the four best elearning project management tools that should help you attain your goals. Are you ready?

#1 Trello

Trello tops the elearning project management tools that you should be using for managing and organizing the tasks. It is not only flexible, but also an effortless project management tool. The card-based design of the application makes it easy for the users to assign and view the tasks. You can use the application for lesson planning as well as collaboration. There are labels that help you mark whether the task has been assigned, has been completed or, is in the WIP stage, thus allowing you to track the projects without digging in deeper.

The application gives you the checklist tool, which gives you a way to segregate the tasks further and complete it in time. The app ensures that you don’t have to repeat or rework on the tasks, thus helping you accomplish the project milestones easily. The application also offers easy sharing of the files, and gives out reminders for the tasks.


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#2 Basecamp

One of the biggest challenges with the elearning industry is brainstorming and coming up with new ideas. How will you communicate your ideas without actually being there together or, connecting with each other at the same time? Basecamp has offered the perfect solution for the elearning teams. From brainstorming your ideas to giving away the status of your projects, the project management tool offers all the possible capabilities.

In fact, at Space-O Technologies, to handle most of our app development related projects, to be on the same page with our clients, we use Basecamp.

You can view multiple projects and the status as well as the tasks assigned for the individual projects in a single view. The admin can ensure that the team views only the project they are working on. The teams will get alerts whenever a new task is assigned to them. In-app chat allows for easy and real-time communication. This gives way for quicker discussions and easier frameworks for assigning tasks, collaborating over projects, and planning your next elearning strategy.


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#3 Asana

A simple layout, easy to use tool, Asana makes your life as an elearning business easy and hassle-free. From planning lessons to assigning tasks to brainstorming ideas and creating a storyboard for the same, this tool makes it easy for the elearning teams to launch the lessons quickly. The application fosters quick organization and tracking of the work, thus allowing you to stay focussed on your goals and grow your business. You can add work or assign tasks on-the-go. You can add tasks, detail them out for the person you are assigning it to, add comments and get them to give their comments on the project as well. The app has a simple design and appears clutter-free giving away a good user experience.


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#4 G Suite

G-suite is a tool series that makes project management accessible. This suite includes both productivity and collaboration tools, thus making you efficient. The tools included in this suite are Google Drive, Google docs, sheets and slides. The idea is to make you more efficient by making storage and sharing of the files and documents easy. You can even create the files with ease with the different tools of G Suite.

The collaboration is made easy and hassle-free with G Suite. Let’s see how:

  • The Google docs, sheets and slides allows you to create the lessons or the designs for the lessons with ease. You can even create pitches with these tools
  • The edit feature in this tool allows you to give editing rights to the different people within the team. So, more than one person can access and work on these documents at the same time. you can even check into the revisions made in these docs with the help of this tool
  • Finally, the cloud storage allows you to access, store and share the documents and folders with ease.

The design is easy and intuitive, thus making it user-friendly.


Credit: Extract from FinancesOnline

Summing up

If you are into elearning and want to be more productive and efficient, you need to invest in the right project management tools. It is essential that you research well and identify the tools that meet your requirements and help you achieve your goals. Finally, you need to ensure that the tools you are buying meet your budget requirements as well. If you need a tool to boost the features of Asana, Basecamp and Trello, we recommend Bridge24.

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