LiquidPlanner Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

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Overview Presentation

For users who want happy project teams while still saving time and money by accomplishing tasks within set deadline, then is the way to go. This online based project management and analytic software allows project users to accurately predict schedules, share project information while keeping track of time to ensure the project tasks are completed in time.

Features, Benefits and Product Strength

  • Project management: The software allows for reorganization of different client project portfolios from within one workspace. It also allows user to allocate tasks and distribute resources while tracking project milestones. It is possible to also export and import project files with the software.
  • Project scheduling: Using the software, users can prioritize projects, analyze task dependencies, create deadlines as well as predict scenarios and issue project alerts. All these activities can be done in real time.
  • Project Collaboration: The software can integrate multiple tasks and timesheets into one synchronized system that allows for complete progress status tracking
  • Liquid Planner Analytics: The project management software is an intelligent reporting tool that allows its users to get analyzed reports on clients, their projects and status. It also helps in customized report generation within given time periods and based on specified criteria.


LiquidPlanner has three major pricing options and they are $29/seat/month for short projects; $24/seat/month is a popular option and corporate options that are dependent on teams.In addition there is a free 30-day Trial offer.

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Target Market

Its target markets include non-profit organizations, marketing firms, IT firms, construction firms, Educational organizations among others.

Supported Languages

The software is currently supported in the English language.

Some of their Clients

They include Honeywell, Yahoo, Schawk Digital Solutions, Citrix, Ingersoll Rand, Pitney Bowes and many others.


“In the past, we had slippage because we couldn’t properly gauge the impact of other projects on one another, such as when our testing team gets pulled off onto another project. Now we plug that data in and get instant impact analysis”Michael Burnham, Schawk Digital Solutions

“Since using LiquidPlanner, we estimate that Tangent has seen a 30-40% increase in the amount of projects it can handle”John Person, Vice President of Engineering 

Why LiquidPlanner?

Not only does LiquidPlanner Software provide collaborative software solutions, but it also has additional services. The extra services include the safe secure cloud, which is guaranteed to keep customer details encrypted and secure while providing reliable backup. Clients will be able to relax knowing that their data is safe and private. Since the software is accessible online, clients do not have to download additional software for installation; all they need is a web browser. As well, Apps are downloadable for Apple and Android phones for free.

Company Info

LiquidPlanner is software created and developed by LiquidPlanner Inc. Charles Seybold, Jason Carlson founded the company in 2006, and its headquarters are in Bellevue, Washington. The Company is determined to remain in their top position as a global leader in the creation of project management software for different teams. One of its core values is development of software with emphasis on collaboration of team members to complete successful projects.

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