Zoho Projects Introduces Document Management and JIRA Migration Tool

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zoho-projects-logoZoho Projects will never be the same again with the launch of its Document Management powered by Zoho Docs, and the new JIRA Migration Tool. This update enables the users to create various documents, spreadsheets and presentations at the moment they need them. The tool also allows collaboration with team members. There are a lot of benefits that accrue from using this tool which includes efficiency, easy team management, simplicity, confidentiality, appealing documents, file organization, sharing and scalability.

The JIRA Migration Tool

This is a tool that allows users to switch to Zoho if they have been using JIRA in the past. A person would ask why should they make the switch in the first place. Here are some reasons.

  • Easy and Quick to Use – With this new JIRA Migration Tool, users can get started easily without necessarily undergoing any training. All you need is to sign up with Zoho Projects and this will get you started instantly. The user therefore does not incur any expenditure in trying to figure out how the tool works.
  • Allows Scalability – The New JIRA Migration Tool supports business growth at no extra cost. An increase in the number of users does not lead to increased pricing, in fact, boosting business growth is one of the aims of this tool.
  • Simplicity – Zoho Projects offers features that are simple and intuitive despite the fact that the tool is sophisticated. This doesn’t imply that the tool is complex but rather one that is easy to use and interact with. The user interface is as friendly as one in a social networking site.
  • Effective Team Management – Zoho Projects has amazing collaboration features such as chat rooms and forums that allow team members to monitor progress and share documents. Additionally, team members can determine the task assignments by looking at the Resource Utilization Charts.


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Document Management by Zoho Docs

The document management tool in Zoho Projects just got a big boost with this update, as it allows users to create spreadsheets and documents within the tool and share them with your team members. It is one of the major features introduced, and here are some of the benefits the users will get.


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  • Create Appealing Documents – The Zoho Document Management Tool gives a variety of online document creation tools such as the Zoho Writer that enables the user to create appealing text documents with images, tables and links. It also allows formatting of the documents, images, tables and links. The online spreadsheet Zoho sheet helps organize data and assist in project calculations. The Zoho Show enables creation of amazing presentations to either your team or a wider audience.
  • Easy Team Management – Creative projects are a product of a well-managed team. Work gets done well by team efforts and not individual efforts who work together in a collaborative manner to come up with new imaginations and ideas. The Docs site has apps equipped with plenty of features that enable automatic collaboration. The tool enables multitasking where several persons can use the app at a go and also allows collaborators to chat easily. It also allows easy feedback as each letter and cell can be commented upon and at the same time the inbuilt versioning system allows viewing and tracking of changes. With this tool, the projects progress can be analyzed and everyone is kept on the same page
  • Confidentiality and Security – All the information regarding your project document is kept confidential and secure when using the Document Management tool. The project members are granted access to the uploaded project documents while the outsiders are denied access. The Zoho Cloud keeps external stakeholders e.g. consultants and clients updated on the project progress without compromising the security and confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • File Organization – In Zoho Projects, files can be organized in a variety of ways by creating multilevel folders and sub folders. Tags can also be added to the various files to keep them classified. The availability of the access stats is important in tracking various viewers as it enables you to know the persons who have actually viewed the various documents that you have shared. The user can also favorite some files for easier accessibility.
  • Synchronization and Sharing – Files can be easily shared with various team members in the most convenient manner. The user can upload files from the computer and sync with various cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. The files can also be easily exported back to the computer by way of downloading. Various formats such as pdf, docx, xlsx, html, pptx, csv are also supported by each single app.


The JIRA Migration Tool and Zoho Document Management Tool have really taken Zoho Projects to the next level. Zoho considers user feedback very important and continuously roll-out latest features based on them. To know more about the latest features, or provide feedback, visit their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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