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Being certified as a project manager professional (PMP) is advantageous for many reasons. First, it can separate you from the rest of the competition. Second, once you have completed your certification you then join a network full of resources and contacts. Third, the certification gives a right of passage to new opportunities and distinction. Fourth, this certification is the icing on the cake. Cake tastes delicious without icing, but when you add the icing the two together make for a more fulfilling experience. Same is true with a PMP certification. The educational experience will serve you well, this accredited education will “round you out”.

Anyone can say they are a subject matter expert, but without recognition from a trusted institution that title, often self-designated, does not hold much weight. Yes, there’re exceptions. But given all this, it is therefore an excellent idea that you pursue a project management certification such as PMP or CAPM. And even after you have completed this certification, which is no small feat, there’s still opportunity for professional development. Also, you must stay current regarding industry in order to keep your Project Management Professional status.

Benefits of Project Management Training Sites and Providers

Every project, regardless of size, has some sort of economic and social impact. There’re stakeholder costs, like, money, time and resources. Thus, it’s critical that a project manager successfully deliver a quality product on time and within budget. This is not always easy.

However, it becomes easier with the right education and experience. This is where PMP training institutions come in. Their goal is to help aspiring project managers learn and utilise skills like, problem-solving skills, soft skills, as well, have a learning experience where knowledge is produced between classmates and instructor. After certification, PM training sites offer continuing education courses for professional development units needed for certification renewal. It’s also a way to stay up to date. So, where should you study to get your PM certification? There’re a lot of institutions who offer this training and here are our 5 picks.

Our 5 Picks

master of project logo1. Master of Project Academy

Founded in 2012, Master of Project Academy has instructed more than 50,000 students in more than 170 countries. Master of Project Academy delivers 100% online, self-paced and 30-day money back guaranteed on certification courses. They offer courses on the following: Project Management, IT, Quality Management, Certified Associate in Project Management, ITIL Found, Microsoft Project, Agile Project Management and Scrum Certification Prep. High quality premium certification courses are offered at a low of $15 / month – the most affordable certification course in comparison to other certification institutions. Look at Master of Project Academy as having affordable quality content. They also provide free courses which are a great addition to the paid courses.

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pmstudy logo2. PMstudy

PMstudy provides PMP training, certification and exam prep. They proudly announce that they have a 98.7% success rate also understood as a completion rate. The other 1.3% opted for a course refund. This school provides PMP training via a 4-day classroom boot camp and online training. Online courses include PMP certification courses, CAPM courses, and continuing education courses. Methodology includes videos, simulated examinations, hundreds of chapter test questions, study guides, podcasts and mobile apps. Their course plans start at $25.

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Skillsoft Logo3. Skillsoft

Skillsoft is an online institution which provides both e-learning technology and PM content. It offers several business solution courses including project management courses. Specifically, it offers courseware for PMP, CAPM and PMI-ACP, as a PMI registered education provider. Aside from online learning courses, Skillsoft also offers a PM KnowledgeCenter that provides opportunity for hands-on learning aside from just courses and books.

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Simplilearn Logo4. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an online global provider of classroom training for professional certification courses. It has several PM training courses which include PMP, CAPM, MSP, PMI-PgMP, PRINCE2, PMI-RMP, and others. For PMP training, courses are conducted in the US, Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India and Australia. For the PMP course, registrants can opt for classroom boot camp training, online courses, live virtual classrooms or simply take up to five 200-question PMP exam practice tests.

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project management academy logo5. Project Management Academy

Project Management Academy is a PMI registered education provider that started in 2009 and is proud to have a PMP exam pass rate of 99.1% since 2010. Aside from PMP training, they also offer continuing education courses/PDUs, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner certification training. They also have a unique curriculum for senior project managers called Master’s Certificate in Advanced Project Management. The school supports their students by offering post-class tutoring and in-house group training.

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The career path of a project manager is likely to, at some point, lead to PMP certification. Of course, there’re arguments that it is not the ‘end-all be-all’ to have a successful PM career, though it definitely helps. At some point, if you decide to get your certification you will need to come up with the best strategy to prepare for it. These 5 PM training sites are but a few good options to look at. Whichever choice you make, you will find yourself amongst other professionals with similar goals. As well as those who have already completed the goal of certification and are ready to offer some friendly advice, help you study, or simply be encouraging.

Short Video – PMP Certification and Benefits

Still not convinced that a PMP certification is for you? Watch this short compelling video that will explain what a PMP certification can do for your PM career.

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Jose Maria Delos Santos

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  1. Nishant says:

    Very well explained. I would like to add one more training site for project management or PMP exam preparation “Trainings24x7” from which i got training program. Recently, i have become PMP Certified.

    I would like to recommend to visit this website for pmp exam preparation source.

    Best of luck for pmp exam!

  2. Kenneth Collins says:

    i have been construction mananger for yrs, should I take the full course or would the test prep boot camp be enough

  3. Hey , You are going good. I would like to share one more site for PMP. You can check . It provide 24/7 online training . So you can must utilize these benefits . Please add this in your collection .

  4. saketbansal says:

    Not sure how frequently you update your provider listm but whenever you do next please do look at our site , we provide very effective online PMP program to professionals.

  5. kcozzi says:

    I just enrolled at So far, it seems really good. Self paced, interactive, good material, and very reasonably priced. So far, it seems like a really good program

  6. wordpresswowter says:

    If you want to learn project management but you do not care so much about these certifications check out: You can get a free open source project managers manual there as well as training courses (paid).

  7. Jeff Prater says:

    I enrolled in Master of Project Academy and here are my thoughts.

    Here is the honest feedback of the course. I signed up because I would like to get into project management but don’t want to have to pay to get a second masters before I can work and make close to what I already make. After looking at courses this blog highly recommended this company.

    I like the payment option. Pay per month means if you are diligent you can get the class for around $15 depending on the course. I signed up for Agile Scrum. The website is super easy to navigate as well.

    What seems fishy to me. Every single video lecture, which is basically someone narrating a power point presentation in a very dry way, has an extra minute of dead video space on it. So the total length of the videos offered in the course is much lower than they tell you. Two videos have 9 full minutes of dead space each! So for there has been 36 minutes of video dead space an I am only 52% complete with the course.

    Also, there is nothing interactive at all about these courses. There is a discussion board area below the video but so far not a single person has ever posted on the board. I don’t even know who the instructor for the actual course is. When I click on instructor it just says project management academy.

    I haven’t finished the course yet but I am not sure how this is supposed to set you up for the exam any more than Agile Scrum for dummies would.

  8. Kevin says:

    Nice post. I learned something.

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