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Mavenlink is an online project management software designed for the professional services business. It is a modern collaborative platform that enables companies to achieve higher operational and financial performance. Founded in 2008, it has been recognized for pioneering a new category of software, receiving awards as a leader in both project management and professional services automation categories. It is trusted by companies such as Salesforce, Vizient, and Anywise, among many others.

The Top 5 Tutorials

Mavenlink is a business solution that unifies project management, collaboration, time tracking, resource management, and project financials. Teams prefer it for many reasons, such as its intuitiveness, ease of use, its template features, and many others. But mostly, customers are happy because of the improvements they realize, the new efficiency they experience, and the transformation of their business for the better. To learn more about the software and how to use it, here are 5 places to start from.

1. Mavenlink Knowledge Base

Mavenlink has a Knowledge Base page with hundreds of articles about different topics. It serves as a personal guide to the product, its features and integrations, and other resources. Under the Getting Started topic are a total of 15 articles, such as FAQ, a step-by-step Getting Started with Mavenlink tutorial, and other articles that provide basic information. Other major topics are Account Settings, Projects, Templates, and many more.

2. Mavenlink Video Tutorials

The project management software also has a dedicated Video Tutorials page that is further divided into Tutorials and Webinars. Under the Tutorials section, there are 6 links to different video tutorials, such as How to use Financial Reports, or How to Integrate Mavenlink and Google Apps. Under the Webinar section, there are 15 links to different recorded video webinars. Topics include Best Practices for Project Kickoff, and Customize Mavenlink for Your Business.

3. Mavenlink Training Center

Mavenlink offers training programs and courses in its Training Center page to help its customers maximize the advantage of using the PM software. With a variety of programs and courses, users are able to manage projects and resources more effectively with the software. It recommends particular courses depending on the type of customer. For instance, self-serve clients can take the Self-Starter Kit course. MavenOps clients can take the live instructor-led Core Training Course, while non-MavenOps clients can consider taking the Core Certification course.

4. Tallyfy Mavenlink

Tallyfy is a workflow and business management software. It allows users to automatically document and track playbooks, processes, SOPs, and others. It features a detailed Mavenlink review where they evaluated its different features. The article includes descriptions, how-to’s, screenshots, video tutorials, and other general information. The review also tackled the different pricing plans and the features included in each plan.

5. Mavenlink YouTube Channel

Mavenlink has a YouTube channel that it has maintained since 2009. It contains a great number of videos posted over the years that has garnered a total of over 100k views. Videos include product promotions, webinars, client success stories, app integrations, and others. Looking for a particular tutorial or webinar video is easy with the platform’s search tool.


Mavenlink is a comprehensive platform that helps professional services companies simplify project management. With its combination of tightly integrated tools, services, and resources, users are able to scope, plan, execute, deliver, and analyze their projects successfully. Teams are able to connect, collaborate, and execute using a single unified platform, allowing them and their business to thrive more than ever.

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