Top 10 Best Project Management Conferences in 2022


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With project management now an immensely popular field, many practitioners believe in the need to advance their skills and knowledge. Project managers want to enhance what they already know and add more qualifications to their portfolio. One of the many ways to do this is by attending seminars and conferences that feature speakers and experts in the field. Aside from that, conferences are also a good venue for updating certifications and expanding one’s network.

This year, there are numerous conferences to wait for that are helpful to project managers and practitioners. Here are some of these gatherings.

1. The Technical Project Management Conference 2020 (24-26 Feb, Atlanta, Georgia)

This is another conference worth attending which covers topics on project management framework and terminology. Additionally, it talks about the nine knowledge areas of the PMBOK, process groups, and the technical environment’s life cycles. Discover more here.

2. Change Management Conference 2020 (3-6 May, Anaheim, California)

This conference is a must for every project management practitioner as it leads to the industry for change management discipline. In fact, it brings together all novice and seasoned practitioners in one gathering. Produced by the Association of Change Management Professionals, this three-day conference aims to determine the latest trends, share innovative tools, and discover ways to strategically adjust in a changing business environment. Check out more details here.

3. Project Management Symposium 2020 (7-8 May, University of Maryland)

The 2020 Project Management Symposium is conducted in DC which is a melting pot for project managers. Practitioners from abroad and the Baltimore-Washington metro area come together to establish new connections and renew old ones. Together, it puts insights from the government, industry, and academics sides. Most importantly, it brings 12 PDUs for the attendees. Find out more here.

4. Global Scrum Gathering 2020 (11-13 May, New York City)

This conference is a bi-annual gathering, occurring in autumn in the European region and in the spring in North America. There will be presentations, as well as interactive sessions, that are rich in stories of success from industry experts. Audiences will be receiving tons of information on best practices, implementations, and agile method applications. This is the perfect place to meet and greet other Agile enthusiasts for a productive conference. Learn more here.

5. Agile and Beyond 2020 (19-21 May, Detroit, Michigan)

This Agile and Beyond conference is perhaps one of the best to attend as it is a grassroots gathering run by volunteers. It aims to let participants learn about agile practices and principles. There is a wide variety of topics to learn from, especially that there is a pre-conference workshop, in addition to 130 conference sessions. This is the perfect place to learn more about Agile and beyond. Check out further details.

6. APM Project Management Conference 2020 (21 May, London)

Nothing is better than a conference that discusses not just the past and the present but the future as well. The topics are varied, including how teams can invest in themselves and learning various project management tools. No less than experts in the field of project management will be there to talk about various project management topics. Find out more here.

7. PMO Conference 2020 (3 June, London)

This conference is specifically catered to suit the needs of the PMO practitioner. Attendees will have a chance to look more deeply into their chosen profession. The speakers will discuss project offices, programs, and portfolios and will exhibit PMO products and services. This is a great opportunity to widen one’s network and reconnect with old friends and former colleagues. Know more about the conference.

8. Project Management in Practice 2020 (13-14 June, Boston, Massachusetts)

This year, the conference is focused more on a thoughtful and holistic approach to projects, including their outcomes. Aside from being able to connect with one’s old connections and establishing new ones, attendees will be going home with 16 PDUs. Learn how you can join here.

9. PMI EMEA Congress 2020 (14-16 June, Prague, Czechia)

Every project management practitioner has to be equipped for the demands of this ever-changing field and profession. Through the latest skills and knowledge, they can survive the competition and this congress aims to help them with this. Participants will be spending three days discussing program and portfolio management through education and knowledge-sharing. Learn more here.

10. PMI Global Conference 2020 (17-19 Oct, Seattle, Washington)

Project management professionals come together yearly for this global conference. It is a three-day gathering where attendees will be learning about the profession with a more global perspective. Also, it is a great opportunity to share insights and stories and establish new connections. Participants can acquire 18 PDUs to help improve one’s portfolio while learning about everything new in the industry. Find out how to join.


These project management conferences bring information and knowledge, as well as new networks. Whichever of them is attended, participants are guaranteed to receive the most important tools for their practice. Yes, the conferences may cost money but it is a worthwhile investment that cannot be lost.

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