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Podio is an online customizable project management and collaboration software. It was launched in 2011 and became a Citrix product in 2012. Today, it is trusted by business and organization leaders as a reliable work management solution that helps their teams to work together better. Podio is easy to set up, allows for fast communication, and provides great flexibility to adapt to user requirements.

The Top 10 Tutorials

Podio is a stable and reliable application, with 99.99 percent uptime. Companies like Volvo, Deloitte, and Sony feel confident and secured to run their business with the software. As part of Citrix, it also adheres to the most rigorous security standards. Companies and organizations use it for project management, CRM, social intranet, workflow management, collaboration, and more. Here are the 10 best places to start learning about the software and ways it can be applied.

1. Podio Getting Started

Podio has an excellent Getting Started page with a collection of great articles and tutorials. For example, it has an Introduction: Podio Basics article complete with several tips for getting the best start with the software. It includes step-by-step instructions, videos, and links to other resources. Also on the Getting Started page are several Quick Start Guide articles and Case Studies.

2. Udemy Getting Started with Podio

Udemy offers a free Getting Started with Podio course that was last updated in 2017. The course includes 7 on-demand video tutorials and 1 downloadable resource. The course is for people new to Podio who want to understand the basics before they use or as they are using the software. No prior Podio knowledge is required, except for signing up for a user account. The course has been rated 4.4/5 by 120 reviewers, with a total enrollment of over 2900 students.

3. Using Podio

Podio has a comprehensive Using Podio knowledge base that covers all features and actions possible in using the software. For instance, under the General Features section are listed guides in logging in to the software, about activity streams, or how to use mentioning. Other sections cover the topics of Managing Members, Creating Apps, Using Apps, Workspaces and Organization, and many more.

4. Tallyfy Podio

Tallyfy is a documentation and process automation software. It featured a detailed software review of Podio, its features, app market, and pricing. The review/tutorial comes complete with screenshots, GIFs, and videos to help the reader gain a good understanding of the software, which they can use to begin implementing into their business. It includes a discussion of the different pricing plans as well.

5. Podio Video Tutorials and Webinars

Podio also has a dedicated Video Tutorials and Webinars page that includes about 30 links. The Video Tutorials total of 19 items with topics such as The Structure of Podio and Understanding Podio in 60 seconds. Some videos are short, and some, like the In-depth Introduction to Podio, is about 20 minutes long. There are also a total of 11 Podio Webinars (recorded), such as the 40-minute Podio 101 Getting Started with the Basics, and the 19-minute Podio Project Management Webinar.

6. Udemy Systemize Your Business with Podio

From the same author of the Getting Started with Podio course, a more recent Systemize Your Business with Podio is also available on Udemy. The discounted $11.39 course was last updated in 2018 and has been enrolled in by 126 students. The 2-hour on-demand video course will teach the student in 5 steps how to create a business system and translate it into a Podio app. The course is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, and operation managers.

7. DVI Podio Basics

Defined Ventures Inc. (DVI) is a certified Podio and Citrix partner. Their site includes a Podio Basics tutorial that covers some of the software’s features and the best way to use them. It has a step-by-step discussion of its notifications, calendar, extensions, and filters and views for their dashboard.

8. REWW How to Successfully Utilize Podio

Podio is a preferred application among real estate companies. One organization, Real Estate World Wide (REWW) has a video tutorial titled How to Successfully Utilize Podio. It is a 20-minute video that teaches viewers how a Podio system has been designed and used to take information from a call and put it into the workflow, so team members can act on the call.

9. dummies How to Structure Work in Podio

dummies is a learning site under the Wiley Publishing company. It offers guides and how-to books about many topics. Also available on its site are short online articles about some topics taken from their books. The article How to Structure Work in Podio is a topic related to the Social Collaboration For Dummies book by David Carr, published in 2013. The article provides step-by-step instructions on how to build a Podio app, how to create a task, and others.

10. Podio YouTube Channel

Podio has a YouTube channel that started in 2006. Although the last video uploaded dates back to 4 years ago, many of the tutorial videos can be found here. Also, it is easy to locate a particular video with the search and sorting tool available on the site.


Podio enables various teams to structure projects, organize sales and other functional teams, and basically transform how an entire company runs its business. Real estate companies, accounting firms, agencies, and many others are able to organize their information securely, manage assignments and workload efficiently, and create unified and streamlined processes that result in high customer satisfaction. Take a look at these 10 tutorial sites to start learning and take advantage of what Podio can do for your business.


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