Time Management in 20 Minutes a Day – A Book Review

Time Management in 20 Minutes a Day: Simple Strategies to Increase Productivity, Enhance Creativity, and Make Your Time Your Own is a practical guide that offers quick and simple time management strategies. Whether it is the email inbox or house storage, the book offers tips and tricks that readers can do to be efficient about things they need to do, so they can have more time for things they want to do. It also gives suggestions in how to take advantage of modern digital tools and others that can help you get organized and save time.

Book Details

The paperback measures 6 inches wide, 0.4 inch thick, and 9 inches long, with a shipping weight of about 9.3 ounces (264 grams). It has 128 pages divided into 7 chapters and additional references. Aside from paperback format, it is also available in Kindle, Audible audiobook, and audio CD. The book was recenty published by Althea Press in July 2019 in English. ISDN-10: 1641520353; ISDN-13: 978-1641520355.


$10.35 for the paperback version, $4.99 for the Kindle version, $0.00 for the Audible audiobook version, and $19.99 for the audio CD version

Target Audience

Time Management in 20 Minutes a Day is for a wide range of audience, from CEOs to stay-at-home parent, from business owners, educators, government employees, professionals, organization leaders, and just about anyone who wishes to have more time for themselves, while accomplishing tasks they needed to do for themselves and everyone else.

What Customers Say

Bryan C. (Amazon) described Time Management in 20 Minutes a Day as a brief yet practical guide to better planning and organization. It starts with goal setting, then proceeds to prioritization, organization, and so on. He stated that it helps him formulate a plan so he can utilize time in the most efficient manner possible for maximum productivity.

Diane H. (B&N) stated that the book contains many tips and tricks to manage time and achieve goals aside from teaching how to prioritize your to-do list. It briefly covers the SMART goal-planning method and is therefore suitable for beginners. And it goes further with topics on long-term goals and mindfulness. The guide also gives specific strategies in various situations such as meetings, community projects, home cleaning, and others.

Erin C. (Goodreads) described the book as small and unassuming, but full of strategies, tips, and advice to help readers become more productive and efficient. The ideas in the book are not only simple, but also on point. It can be used by anyone to improve their time management skills, professionals and moms included. It is a quick read that made her feel empowered and ready to accomplish more with less time.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: Time Management in 20 Minutes a Day: Simple Strategies to Increase Productivity, Enhance Creativity, and Make Your Time Your Own starts with an introduction about the author’s own journey of learning time management, and her suggestion to readers as they read and learn these lessons. Chapter 1 discusses the email inbox, tips on how to avoid its distractions, how to organize and prioritize with filters and templates, and more. The next chapters tackle goal setting, prioritization, organization, managing meetings, getting focused, and concludes with mindfulness. It also has a guide in using a time-blocking chart, and other resources and references.

Approach/Tone: The author presents her discussion of the topics and suggestions in a friendly and casual way. She gives details and presents recommendations without being commanding.

Style: The book is well organized, starting on a topic that people usually do first thing in the morning. It uses everyday language, with short readable paragraphs. The book has enumerated lists, summaries, and highlighted statements that draw attention to be easily remembered.

Why Buy the Book

Time Management in 20 Minutes a Day is an easy read, full of sensible and realistic tips and techniques to help readers manage work in limited time. Aside from the tips, it also offers useful information and references to studies that are bases for the suggestions used, like learning good habits, self care, taking breaks, choosing what works for you, and even coming up with your own system.


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$10.35 for the paperback version, $4.99 for the Kindle version, $0.00 for the Audible audiobook version, and $19.99 for the audio CD version

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