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sensiblepm logoPodcasts are like multimedia blogs. And similar to blog sites, podcast sites share thoughts, ideas, knowledge and experiences of the producer (or multimedia blogger) usually through, but not limited to, an audio file with the Internet audience at large or with a specific community at least. When this virtual community is populated by people who share a common concern, passion or profession, it becomes a community of practice. Podcast sites are important landmarks in a community of practice because they are usually sources of learning and centers of interaction.

Introducing The SensiblePM Podcast

The SensiblePM Podcast website is leading new project management conversations by providing several learning experiences through regular podcasts, PM-related blogs and video interviews. It is owned and maintained by Mark Phillipy, PMP. He is a veteran project manager with over 15-years of experience in the IT industry.


Mark Phillipy has been involved in various software development and implementation projects. He is experienced in both traditional and Agile PM methodologies. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelors degree in Design Engineering Technology. He has worked as QA tester, engineer, developer, project manager, senior project manager, and director of a PMO with many companies including Boeing and Nike. His podcasts share important concepts, valuable lessons, and practical tips from his experience as a project manager. The podcasts also have regular guest speakers from the PM community.

Products and Pricing

SensiblePM 101 – Basics
The SensiblePM Podcast website offers completely free basic and advanced podcast episodes. The first type of podcast addresses basic concepts for those new to project management. These can be found under the SensiblePM 101 Podcast section. For example, the SensiblePM 101-001 podcast is titled Work versus Duration. It is a 4:43 minute podcast that can be played online on the webpage, from a new browser window, downloaded as an MP3 file, or be embedded in another webpage for those who want to share it. In this podcast, the host differentiates work and duration with an example of an 8-hour work effort that can be completed in four days duration, given that a resource can only work two hours per day.

SensiblePM – Advanced
The second type of podcast tries to expound on more complex issues, and this is found on the SensiblePM Podcast section. For instance, SensiblePM 001 is titled the Four Guiding Principles for the Sensible Project Manager. The podcast can be played, downloaded or embedded in a similar way. This podcast is about 35 minutes long and begins with an introduction about the podcast site up to about 2:45 minutes. The discussion starts after with the characteristics of a sensible project manager and the activities that needed to be done. The host also identifies four principles that will help and guide a project manager to become sensible and practical. These principles are to understand the project vision, build teamwork, increase effective efficiency, and deliver value.

The SensiblePM Podcast goes beyond audio-only podcast with the addition of weekly Google+ Hangouts and YouTube videos. This multimedia podcast not only adds video to the session, but also is capable of receiving instant messages from other Google+ members who have been invited to participate real-time. Other speakers are sometimes present in the Hangout as the podcast is presented. For example, at #PMHangout 27, Mark invited five PM panelists and gave them a project challenge to which the panelists discussed ways to overcome the challenge and deliver the project based on their favorite methodology such as PMBOK, PRINCE2 and Agile/Scrum. The video was streamed live on January 24, 2014.

Benefits and Testimonials

Most podcasts have received at least one comment posted by those who heard or viewed them. Some would share additional thoughts while others would simply express thanks for learning something new. Aside from comments on the podcast site, there are also some posted on the SensiblePM YouTube channel, where the hangout videos are also published.

Other Resources

The SensiblePM Podcast website also has a blog section where Mark Phillipy shares some musings and insights related to project management. His most recent blog was titled Ultimate PM Wish List where he enumerated things that would make his career as a project manager exciting and fulfilling. These are some of the practical ways by which the Sensible PM is leading new project management conversations with the rest of the community.

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