RACI Charts: Guide for RACI Training and Templates


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racicharts-logoThe success of projects is heavily dependent on the Project Managers’ ability to monitor and control the activities involved in the project. While it can be difficult to keep an eye on the numerous activities that can be associated with one project, RACI Charts software makes the task manageable. With clear definitions of the key roles and how they should interact for a project to be successful it provides the necessary visuals and organization to help Project Managers through the process.

The RACI Chart

Designed to prevent oversights and clarify roles, the RACI Charts, also referred to as the RACI Matrix, is software that supports and shows the relationship between the very critical roles of people held Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed. Using carefully designed templates, Project Managers can assign clear ownership for each task and also decisions. It is a great way to keep track of all the activities that can be involved in a project. RACI-Example

The RACI Model

The RACI model is a matrix which maps tasks and responsibilities to job functions or activities. RACI-Model

RACI PowerPoint Training

For the affordable price of US$9.95, Project Managers may take advantage of the benefits of the RACI Training Package which is a 21 page PowerPoint training course. It is designed to provide the necessary tools for sharing RACI charting with team members, customers and suppliers. The course is concise yet very comprehensive as it begins with the fundamentals explaining the roles and responsibilities as characterized in RACI charting. Real life examples are then used to build on the concepts and through these exercises, users get a clearer understanding of the use of the charts. The course outline also includes the process of building a chart while the summary section provides a discussion which may be used as a benchmark by users.

RACI Templates

RACI Templates are provided for those who wish to try out the model and see how it works. Along with the blank templates, populated ones are provided to guide users for easy use and best results.

Resource Materials

The RACI Charts website provides very useful resource material links for persons involved with projects. Along with information about the RACI tools and software, users can view information that may be used to hone their project management skills at varying levels. They may also gain a greater understanding of some project management topics on which valuable information is provided. 

Benefits of RACI Charts

RACI charts provide the visual advantage for project managers who want to have a clear view of the big picture of their projects. It is also helpful for all persons involved in the project as it gives clear indications of who plays what role, how and when. This removes ambiguity, duplication and confusion while ensuring that things get done in an organized way. The ability to use RACI Charts is a plus for members of any organization that is heavily involved in projects.

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