Project Management for Dummies – A Book Review

project-management-for-dummies-logoThe Fourth edition of Project Management for Dummies is updated with latest information in the field of project management. As the communication media and other aspects of projects continue to change and improve, the book has been upgraded with sections which address these changes. It also includes new techniques to deal with common project management issues. Project Management for Dummies brings the techniques of project management to life for people who have not had any exposure to formal project management training. Through the use of simple language and appropriate examples, the book is an easy read and it allows for easy transfer of knowledge.

Book Details

Project Management for Dummies, the fourth edition, was published by For Dummies on April 22, 2013 and contains 408 pages. It is published in English in both Kindle and paperback editions.  The shipping weight is 1.3 pounds and it is 0.9 inches thick. The front cover design is that of the well-known ‘For Dummies’ yellow and black trademark design, with red trimmings.


$17.88 for the book edition and $14.00 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

Individuals who are preparing for the Project Management certification exam will find this book particularly useful. Professional Project Managers and other professionals who are involved with projects will also find it to be a good quick reference guide in their day to day activities

What Customers Say

Project management for Dummies is one the bestselling Project Management books and readers continually give positive feedback about it. Penumbra (Amazon), praised the book for the simple language that is used and pointed out that the tool at the end of each chapter which matches the simplified topic back to the PMI language is very helpful.

Ian Feavearyear of Goodreads Inc. described it as a very good summary of Project Management techniques. He also stated that it contained very practical advice.

Jersey Mike (Amazon) wishes that all managers would read the book because in his experience he has seen a number of projects that would have profited from the advice within the book.

Content, Approach, Style

The information contained in the book is very comprehensive as it covers project management from the very initial stages of defining projects and their goals to the use of technology to enhance results. It starts with the fundamentals and walks users through the process from planning to scheduling techniques, along with providing a guide to doing estimations as well as risk management.

One section touches on the very important topic of dealing with people, the most important resource in the average project plan. It shares techniques and tips to identify and deal with the people who are key to the success of projects. Additionally there are methods to track and analyse a project from start to finish. As a bonus the book offers ideas on how technology may be used to increase the chances of success or add value to the overall process and outcome.

Why Buy the Book

Businesses are becoming increasingly project driven and professionals are finding it necessary to manage projects regardless of their area of expertise. For those who wish to acquire some amount of project management skill without taking a formal course, Project management for Dummies is an easy to read quick reference guide. It uses simple language to share the techniques that Project Managers use and it shares practical advice that may be employed in various projects. It is also an excellent preparatory tool for individuals aiming to get certified in the field of Project Management, but who have not had previous project management exposure.

Books that Complement

People preparing for the Project Management certification exam may find Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) to be a good complement to Project Management for Dummies.

Other professionals who like to have quick reference materials at hand will find that Business Analysis for Dummies has information which can add value to the ideas and techniques shared in Project management for Dummies.


The author of Project Management for Dummies, Stanley E. Portny, is an internationally renowned project management and leadership expert. He is the President of Stanley E. Portny and Associates, LLC and has over 28 years of experience in his area of expertise.

$17.88 for the book edition and $14.00 for the Kindle edition


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